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Best Kodak Printer Apps for Android

Nowadays, most people use smartphones with them. People do not use phones only to make phone calls and messages, but they perform various jobs in their everyday life. They use it for multiple purposes, including clicking photos, reading documents, storing records, etc. Sometimes, people have print papers and pictures from their phones for their work. People having Kodak printers look for an Android app that supports printing from their printers.

This article illustrates some of the best Kodak Printer apps for Android phone, which conveniently prints documents and photos directly from your phone. This article is for you if you are also using a Kodak printer and looking for apps that support your devices.

Best Kodak Printer apps for Android

Several Android apps you will find over the Internet that support Kodak Printer to print documents, images, etc., directly from your phone. Here, we have listed some of the best and most widely used Android apps to print documents and photos from your Android phone.

  1. Kodak Verite Print & Scan
  2. Kodak Instant Printer
  3. Kodak Document Print App
  4. Kodak Step Instant Mobile Photo Printer

Kodak Verite Print & Scan

Best Kodak Printer Apps for Android

Kodak Verite Print & Scan app is mainly designed for Kodak Verite printers only. You can use this app wirelessly to print photos straight from your Android smartphone or tablet. Besides printing, it also has a one-touch scan feature that scans to your phone or tablet. There has the option to print images with Flick straight from your Android phone or tablet.

Download Kodak Verite Print & Scan app from Play Store.

Kodak Instant Printer

Best Kodak Printer Apps for Android

The Kodak Instant Printer app supports a different kind of Kodak printer, using which you can easily print amazing photos. You can connect this app to your device via Bluetooth and print images from your smartphone. It is compatible with Kodak 2-inch printers with model number P210, Kodak 2 in 1 2-inch Camera model - C210, Kodak 3-inch Square printers with model number P300, and Kodak 4-inch Dock Printers with model number PD460.

Using the Kodak Instant Printer app, you can take pictures and edit them with your smartphone. The app instantly prints your beautiful moments. Before you start the printing process, keep the following points in your mind:

  1. Ensure you have recharged the printer before using it.
  2. Ensure that the Adapter is connected correctly.
  3. Turn on your printer.
  4. Now, navigate to the Bluetooth Setting and find there printer's MAC address.

A different printer places the MAC address on the other side, part, or even downside of the printer. Once you find the MAC address of the printer, connect both devices via Bluetooth connection. After finishing setup and connection, you can print images by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Choose the image from the photo gallery you want to print or take a photo with Your Android phone.
  2. After selecting an image, edit it if you wish with your preference.
  3. When the editing process is complete, press the print button present at the top of the app screen.
  4. When you use this app for the first time to print an image or others, it may ask to update the firmware. For that, follow the on-screen instructions on your phone.
  5. It will take a few seconds to print your image completely. Do not forcefully pull the image until it is completely printed.

Download the Kodak Instant Printer app from the Play Store

Kodak Document Print App

Best Kodak Printer Apps for Android

This app supports various kinds of file printing through the Kodak printer. It lets you quickly print MS doc files, web pages, PDF files, and most image file formats from your Android phone to a Kodak printer. However, you have required a Google Cloud Print account and a Kodak AIO printer to access this app and print any document and image files. Kodak AIO printer and device are registered and connected to Google Cloud Print service.

Once the printer is registered to Google Cloud Print service, open this Print app, log in with your Google account and start printing your document and images, whatever you want.

Also, if you wish to print images and documents over a Wi-Fi network with more printing format and control, try to use the KODAK Pic Flick app from Android Market.

Features of Kodak Document Print App

  • It will send files to print from your Android smartphone to any KODAK printer.
  • It also facilitates browsing files on your Android device from the device itself, Google Docs, Dropbox, or Evernote.
  • It supports a wide range of file types to print.

Kodak Step Instant Mobile Photo Printer

When you have a Kodak printer app on your Android device, you may need a supported Kodak printer to print photos and documents. KODAK STEP Instant photo printer is a pocket-size instant mobile photo printer that lets you print documents from an Android device. You can connect this pocket-size printer using your smartphone's free KODAK STEP Prints app, and you can connect using Bluetooth or NFC enabled. The printer creates excellent 2" x 3" size photos whenever and wherever you want in less than 60 seconds.

Photos that it prints will come out clean, colorful, waterproof, smudge-proof, and covered with an extra layer of KODAK ZINK photo paper. KODAK STEP printer app lets you customize your photos even within the phone and facilitates sharing your edited pictures on your social networks. Using this Kodak printer, mobile printing just became fun and easy.

KODAK STEP printer feature

  • Print photos directly from your phone using the KODAK STEP Prints app
  • It prints excellent 2 x 3 inches of sticky-backed photos due to its pocket-sized design, and it is portable
  • It supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • It prints 25 photos per charge

KODAK STEP Prints app feature

  • It can easily print photos from a camera roll or social media networks
  • Contain a complete photo editing feature
  • Contain a feature to add borders, stickers, and filters
  • Share photos to social media networks

How to Print from an Android phone to a Kodak printer

If you don't have any Kodak printer app installed on your Android device from Play Store or any other sources, there is an alternate way to install a printer app on your phone. Here are some points to install a printer app and print files from an Android phone.

How do you get your Android phone to recognize your printer?

First, you should have ensured that your printer is turned on and connected to the same network connection as your Android phone is connected. Open the Settings app of your phone and look for the Print (or Printing) option. You can also search for print services on the Settings search bar. On the print screen, tap on "Add services" (or "Add a printer"), and it will direct you to various printer plug-in services. Tap on any one printer plug-in you want to download and install on your phone.

How do you set up a printer with your phone?

To install and set up a printer with your smartphone or tablet, you must download and install any printer app on your device. Once you install the printer app on your phone, launch it and tap on the Devices tab to connect the printer. Finally, tap "Add a Printer" and go through the on-screen instructions.

How to connect your Kodak printer?

To connect your Kodak printer to your Android phone, download and install the Kodak printer app on your Android and connect the printer using Bluetooth or NFC network. Once your printer is connected to your Android phone, launch the app and start printing your document.

How do you connect your phone to your Kodak printer dock?

Connecting your Android phone to your Kodak printer dock is accessible using a USB cable. First, ensure that your phone and printer dock are both turned on. Next, plug in the USB cable to both your phone's and printer dock's ports. Once the cable is connected to both of your devices, you will see the printer dock's screen brighten. Your printer dock is now ready to print a photo from your phone.

How do you print from your Android smartphone to your Kodak printer?

To print any document file and image from your phone to a Kodak printer, first of all, you have to install its printer app on your phone. Once the app gets installed on your phone, please open it and select a printer your want to use for printing. After that, choose the photo or other documents you want to print and tap on the print button.

How do you enable Bluetooth connection on your Kodak printer?

To enable the Bluetooth feature on your Kodak printer, first ensure that your printer is turned on. After that, long-press the Bluetooth button of your printer for a few seconds until the blue light starts flashing. Now, your printer device is ready to scan the other Bluetooth-enabled devices using the printer's display screen.

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