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Best Language Learning Apps

Best Language Learning Apps

We are learners, and we always keep our eyes open for new applications, platforms, and foreign language learning methods.

Below is a list of ten language-learning mobile apps. You are probably familiar with some of them, but you may also find some new ones!

Best Language Learning Apps

1. Memories

Best Language Learning Apps

Memories are the favorite place for vocabulary practice. There is no shortage of courses on every language you can invent. You can find a syllabus based on the collection of popular textbooks and less-expected vocabulary collections such as "Japanese Words" or translations of Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone.

Memories have two things: memes and gamification. The app follows a method that relies on making strange or bizarre relationships with the words. The course is often combined with memes designed to help memorize vocabulary playfully. Earning, revising, and creating memes are sources that help you move up the user's memory hierarchy.

You can follow many learners to compete for the marks with them and see how well you rank for it. Defeating others is very motivating!

The power of memory also lies in two things: interval repetition and remembrance. The spaced repetition algorithm calculates when and how you review every word, and the app will send you a reminder when it is time to review or start any session. Adding memes is beneficial to memorize the vocabulary. It can take some time to adjust if you are new to it, but after that, you have to start with coming up with your creative combinations.

2. Lingualift

Best Language Learning Apps

The application is designed for learners who want a complete language learning program with the guidance of a tutor. Tutors are available to answer any of your questions any time. They can help us with grammar and suggest additional resources, and assign the correct homework for those interested.

The app itself is excellent for beginners with clear grammar explanations, vocabulary and script learning tools, and many incredible cultural insights you won't find with most language programs.

Your membership includes their language learning secret book (which they are currently offering on their homepage for free) and your customized study plan, a road map of fluency. You have to fill out a questionnaire to telling their tutors about their goals, habits, daily schedules about the study, etc., to get a road map from the tutor. They guide you at every step. It will show you the effective study routines, telling the additional resources, how much material to cover, and at what level of learning your language to use.

They also use an algorithm that tracks your progress in the course.

They give you access their languages with the membership. It offers Japanese, Russian, and British or Indian language courses with French, Spanish, or Chinese courses this year. If the language of your choice is not on the list, you can check out their e-book learning Secrets. It is compulsory for the language learner.

If you are serious about learning a new language, LinguaLift is excellent for you. But if you have a slight interest in many languages, you get a free copy of their Language Learning book.

3. Rosetta Stone

Best Language Learning Apps

No list of top language learning apps can complete without Rosetta stone. It is also a great language learning application. We included it because it is the most widespread language learning program on the planet.

His whole philosophy of language learning is 'learning like a child.' But there is a significant flaw in the ideology. There are many effective ways to learn a language as a professional.

Rosetta Stone does an excellent job of teaching different words but without context or sentence. But without context, you have no idea that how to use these words in the real world. You can study with Rosetta stone for a month or two before introducing yourself or asking a question in your language.

Many people used to speak the languages from Rosetta Stone's "State of the Art" speech recognition software. Anyone who has tried it knows that this software does not work.

He has created a language course and translated the material into all languages. If you cannot take a Spanish language course, you can translate it into the language you want and expect it to be a high-quality language program.

4. Duolingo

Best Language Learning Apps

The app has become the best example of mobile language learning.

The Duolingo courses are created by native speakers and empower communities and language enthusiasts to join and lead less-expected courses. Another feature that makes Duolingo distinctive is that it is not only for the English native speaker. It is used in 100+ languages. For each language, specific courses are aimed at people with different languages, making 81 courses and so far.

5. HelloTalk

Best Language Learning Apps

The app aims to practice speaking and eliminate the stress of real-time conversations. Here, Learners can find native speakers and interact with them using social media, Like WhatsApp, chat with voice and text messages.

When you meet a native speaker of his language and who wants to learn your mother tongue, then it is like you have acquired a treasure of language!

Users can correct each other's chats or messages with the in-built correction tool, turning language exchange into smaller learning sessions. The app has an integrated translation system which helps you to communicate but not remembering the word that gives the sentence and its meaning.

Tips and Tricks for using Hello Talk

You can mark your conversations or chats because your favorite phrases are not lost. The text-to-voice option will ensure that you always know how to pronounce the received messages. To help you with the conversation, you can arrange language exchanges defined by many parameters, Like: The time number of messages or the exchange of characters.

6. Mind Snacks

Best Language Learning Apps

In Mind Snacks, every language comes with eight or nine short games designed to learn vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills. There are simple lessons outlining concepts that are tested or play. Mindsnax monitors your progress so that you can see how much more you need to learn to master your skill. However, this is such a fun app that even if you have mastered a skill, it is fun to go back and practice it and play games!

The design is delightful, cheerful, and attractive, which helps to engage in learning. Mindsnax also offers a question session to make you feel like a language explorer.

7. Busuu

Best Language Learning Apps

Busuu offers courses in 12 languages. The app is free, but you have to invest $ 17 per month to unlock the most exciting features. The app helps you learn different words through simple dialogues and questions about dialogues, including audio to hear the original pronunciation.

Lessons are organized in subjects where we learn the skills and expressions associated with the tasks.

The unique aspect of Busuu is that you can include native speakers in your learning process. Busuu learners contribute their basic speaking skills to the stage by correcting the lessons created by those studying their language. The desktop version allows us to chat or video calls with native speakers live.

8. Babbel

Best Language Learning Apps

The app allows you to learn many phrases in 13 languages. The free version has 40 classes, so without spending more money from start, start learning from it from beginner level to professional.

Each class begins with step-by-step teaching of vocabulary with the help of pictures and sentences. The words are used in phrases and short dialogues, which have been adjusted to the level of the student to build conversational skills fast.

The app has speech recognition exercises too. The apps pop-ups with the most important grammatical points related to learned content, and the desktop version includes short cultural notes.

Babbel also has a separate package dedicated to improving listening or speaking skills such as grammar or vocabulary. If you already have some experience with the language and know where your weaknesses are, you can improve those chosen skills. Babel's classes can be downloaded for offline study too, and the app will send you convenient reminders so that we cannot miss the session.

9. Triplingo

Best Language Learning Apps

TripLingo is an travellers app, as the name of the application, it is aimed specially for the travellers who need to gain their language skills before a fantastic vacation in Mauritius or a business trip to Mexico or Dubai.

The app aims to inspire you to speak and understand so that you do not feel lost in a foreign environment that makes your stay culturally rich and less stressful. Also, the creators took care, so you try to sound like at least one vernacular and use current expressions instead of textbook formulas. Lessons are divided into easy sections Like: "Security phrases" or "Business phrases."

It has a built-in voice translator that renders your English in a foreign language. When you're not knowledgeable of more words, you can also call the exact translator. You get access to about 15% of the resources and no audio with the free version of the app, but it is a great and fun resource. There is the paid version of it too.

10. MosaLingua

Best Language Learning Apps

MosaLingua is a rounded resource for many languages, which are French, Spanish, and Italian. You can choose a standard lesson program starting with simple phrases or you can also choose to go for one of the premium occasional packs.

For example, People, Time, or Tourism.

If you have already read the basics and want to fill the gaps in the knowledge, you can use it immediately. You can support your learning with dialogues that represent real-life

situations. It is based on a self-assessed flashcard system that will be asking you to record, speak out, and spell it so that all the "memory channels" were activated.

11. HiNative

Best Language Learning Apps

HiNative is like a bite-sized language exchange. In HiNative, contacting native speakers without any hassle, finding an exchange partner, or scheduling a chat is easy.

The basic premise is to help native speakers and learners resolve each other's minor language conflicts. None of the questions are silly or very simple: you can ask for input on advice on translation, pronunciation, or cultural norms.

Free Byte Size Language Exchange:

Confidence is boosted by allowing you to feel the knowledge. You can help fellow learners without so much effort.

If all that does not assure you let me say that all this weirdness is designed. Its desktop version is free.

12. (How to) Pronounce

Best Language Learning Apps

You can understand the language or decide to go wild and base it on a paper phrasebook. You can experience this in a restaurant: when you ask for the plainest meal, you have to repeat the Italian phrase you learned three times.

You can stop these embarrassing and disappointing moments by pronouncing (How-to). It now supports only a few primary languages. Nevertheless, it offers four of them in two varieties in a very clever trick, so you have two English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, as well as Russian and Italian. If you feel bored and knowledgeable of the language, you can hear and amaze the difference between language varieties.

13: Cambly

Best Language Learning Apps

Cambly gives you access to foreign English speakers on video chat, so that you can learn and gain confidence. Your partners is ready to help you practice conversation skills, pronunciation, and many English speaking skills you would want to improve. It is a great app to practice English for beginners as well as professionals.

The subscription plans are flexible and premium version has started from Rs 16$ per month. Cambly provides its users a free trial, a relaxed, bias-free and a good learning environment.

It offers flexibility in hours. Students can request lessons with their preferred teachers anytime. Cambly is a good entry level online teaching job for language learning.

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