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Best Money Earning Apps

Money is an essential for our life that helps us to live a better and prosperous life. Therefore, earning money has become a top priority in almost everyone's life. In today's inflation-filled era, everyone looks for new ways to earn money.

Here, we will discuss how you can earn money online through mobile apps. In today's era, most (or everyone else) have a smartphone, but they don't know they can make money online through their smartphone from anywhere and anytime.

Using your smartphone and spending some time on money-earning (or money-making) apps, you can earn lots of money. These apps are role models for school or college students, mothers, and those who can do something valuable for a while and avoid dealing with tedious tasks. We will tell you about all the money-making apps in India, which is the best side to work from home.

Numerous money-earning mobile apps pay their users for doing activities on it. These apps pay money, free recharge, rewards gift cards and free shopping cards, and Paytm cash to its users..

Below we are listed some of the best money-earning apps for Android and iOS devices.

How do Money Earning Apps work in India?

After using and testing so many money-making apps, we can officially say that yes, money-making (earning) apps work. And these apps help you to earn some extra income frequently. However, you cannot use these apps as your full-time income source. You can use such apps for part-time income.

In addition, each money-earning app has its different way to approach its clients, which uniquely provides other competitor's apps.

Most of the money-earning apps in India are dependent on the user loyalty system, which motivates all users to access the app over and over again. Also, all money-earning apps have a repetitive theme, which motivates users to keep active in earning money by accessing these apps and completing tasks provided in them.

As a user, you can collect your earned money from these apps. There are mainly two options that most of these apps provide: either you can transfer straight to your bank account or transfer to your Paytm wallet or some other wallet. However, the process of collecting your rewards may vary from app to app.

What apps make you more money?

A common question arises in each mind about money-making apps: how much can I earn daily, and which apps pay instantly? The answer is that it depends on your ability and how much time you spend on such apps to do the assignment you have taken. Anyone can earn approx $1 - $10 daily by participating in all these money-making apps.

Different apps pay your earned rewards through various ways; some of them pay real cash by PayPal, Paytm wallet, and some rewards gift cards to buy from Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, etc.

How to maximize earnings?

Frequently use: We always suggest while using these online money-making apps, check new tasks and assignments that arrive in-app frequently. Even some of these apps send push notifications when they have new tasks and assignments for you.

Complete tasks and offers: Once you accept the tasks from these apps, give your best to complete the assigned task successfully.

In this way, you can increase your credibility, and apps like to assign more tasks, and you can maximize your revenue.

How can you start with a money-earning app in India?

To start with money-earning apps, first of all, you have to sign up with such apps. The process of signing up for these money-earning apps is simple. To get started with these apps, just follow the below-given steps:

  • Download the app from Play Store (Android user) or Apple App Store (iOS user) based on the device you are using.
  • Register the app and create your account on it by providing all the essential details which the app asks for. To sign up for this app, you can use any of your accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo Id, or some others.

Advantage and disadvantage of money earning apps

As you know how these money-earning apps work, you may be curious to know; it is for you. Here we will briefly discuss a list of benefits and drawbacks of using money making apps in India:


  • Flexibility - there is no fixed time to start your assigned task; you can do the task whenever you want and earn as much time as you spend on it. Here you are, your own boss.
  • No investment - you can start your earnings with minimum effort without investing any amount on it.
  • User-friendly, safe, and secure - the money-making apps are simple and easy to use, reliable, and automated. You have just one click away to complete the task, whatever you selected or assigned.
  • Many possibilities - Giving your minimum efforts, you can earn lots of money by spending time on it.
  • Easy money making and simple transactions - complete various tasks such as play games, do surveys, share your opinions, or download other apps. The earned money can directly be transferred to your account via PayPal or other gateways, Paytm wallet, gift vouchers, etc.


  • It can be tedious to complete the tasks given by these money-making apps.
  • It might take more time to complete.
  • Intensive participation and study are required.
  • The app does not integrate with other revenue flow systems smoothly.

List of some popular and best money earning apps in India

Some of the best money earning apps that are widely used in India are listed below.

  • Roz Dhan
  • PhonePe
  • TaskBucks
  • MooCash
  • Swagbucks
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Meesho
  • U Speak We Pay
  • Squadron

Roz Dhan

Best Money Earning Apps

Roz Dhan is one of the most popular and trusted online money-making apps for doing some micro-activities. It is an entertainment app which pays for multiple activities. These activities include participating in contests, inviting friends, reading the news, playing games, completing surveys, and lots more. Roz Dhan app is a great source to earn online money if you have a smartphone.

Roz Dhan is the fastest-growing money-earning app and available in all native languages suitable for all people. You will be happy to know that someone can earn money through this app by walking or counting their steps. Some other activities that make you earn money by checking your daily horoscope, solving puzzles, and visiting famous sites.

Users can transfer their earned money to Paytm wallet and from their user can transfer to account when it reaches a minimum of 200.

Using this app, user can earn money with the following activities:

  • For downloading and registering the app as a signup bonus up to Rs. 25 to 50.
  • Refer Roz Dhan app to your friends or other contact members and earn money based on per referral.
  • Earn for downloading and sharing videos with others.
  • Attempt survey and quiz programs to boost your revenue.
  • Visit other popular sites and social media to earn rewards and later on convert them to money.

Download Roz Dhan for Android.


Best Money Earning Apps

PhonePe is the most popular and safe UPI money payment app in India that also gives huge offers to its users. Signing up with the PhonePe app gives various cashback rewards, especially on making payments. The earned money is directly credited to your registered bank account. Compared to internet banking, PhonePe is better, making transactions fast and straightforward with additional cashback or rewards. The cashback and rewards are earned through making specific online transactions, DTH or mobile recharge, bill payment (electricity or water), etc.

Activity that makes additional money on PhonePe app:

  • Making bill payments for electricity, gas, mobile, DTH, etc.
  • Doing online shopping on Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other sites.
  • Money transactions.

Download PhonePe.


Best Money Earning Apps

TaskBucks is also a popular and best money-making app in India, and it is also known for free recharge and Paytm cashback. TaskBucks app helps you earn bonus revenue by doing simple activities such as visiting other websites, downloading apps, viewing ads and videos, sharing opinions on various aspects, completing surveys, and participating in contests.

The activities through which you can earn money using TaskBucks includes:

  • Inviting and referring friends and contact persons for this app.
  • Completing tasks and surveys.
  • Participating in daily contests to win the treasure.

App users can earn up to Rs. 70 per day by referring it to others. You can further use earned money for mobile recharge, or you can cash out via Paytm wallet or Mobikwik. Using a mobile app for generating additional revenue in free time is a passive idea.

Download TaskBucks for Android.


MooCash is another mobile app to make money online by playing games, completing tasks, and watching videos. You can earn rewards in the form of cash, mobile recharge voucher, and bitcoin. Users will enjoy this app for watching entertaining videos and also getting rewards for it. You will be happy to know that you will earn money even by watching short videos.

MooCash app also offers various kinds of gift vouchers to their users for Google, iTunes, and Amazon. The app even provides cashback on mobile recharges and offers free shopping vouchers.

Way to earn money using MooCash:

You have to download it first and need to register with your Gmail or Facebook account. After that, you can start to use this app and earn money. You can do the below-mentioned task to make money.

  • Watching entertaining videos.
  • Playing games.
  • Participating in contests.
  • Completing online surveys.

While performing and participating in the above activities, you can get different rewards on this app. Some of them are:

  • Get free cash.
  • Get bitcoin cryptocurrency to your Blockchain wallet.
  • Get free mobile recharges and vouchers.
  • Free shopping gift cards for Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

The rewarded cash can be payout when it reaches a minimum of up to 3000 or 5000 coins via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.


Best Money Earning Apps

Swagbucks is one of the most rewarding online money earning apps. The app pays its users for playing games, completing quizzes, participating in surveys, watching promotional videos and ads, searching for the web or other activities. It doesn't pay cash rewards directly; it gives gift coupon rewards for more than 1000 retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Flipkart, and PayPal vouchers. The app is user-friendly and straightforward to use to earn money.

How to use this app to earn money?

  • First of all, you have to download this app on your device, install it and register.
  • Login it daily to complete activities, offers, participate in a survey, daily polls, and play games to earn Swag points.
  • Also, invite your friends to earn more revenue (10% lifetime commission).
  • Once you reach 750 Swag points, you can request a cash out via PayPal.

Download the Swagbucks app for Android.

Google Opinion Rewards

Best Money Earning Apps

Google Opinion Rewards app is a popular online money-making app that pays you. The app pays its users for participating and completing surveys for cash. One of the best parts of this app is choosing your exciting field to survey without getting bored.

Signing up on this app is simple and straightforward. Just download it and create your account by registering yourself. After signup, answer surveys and earn Google Play Credit with this app. The app gives you another option to earn money by asking you simple sets of questions. Answer these sets of questions and up to Rs. 32 for each answer. The motto of asking such questions is to know about the review of products, traveling, or more.

You can redeem money earned in Google Play Credit using this Google Opinion Rewards app to purchase games, online shopping vouchers, movie tickets, music albums, and other Play Store apps.

Download Google Opinion Rewards


Best Money Earning Apps

Meesho is an online reseller app that helps you to become an entrepreneur. This app is widely popular among homemakers and SMBs, however other people can also use it. Using this app, anyone can start their own business without investment. It is an e-commerce channel where you have to resell the products within your network on social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook.

To start earning over Meesho, you need to download, install and register it on your device. Now, select the product category in which you are interested and want to deal and resell. You will get all your selected products at wholesale prices from this reselling platform. You can share the product image, product description, and price by keeping your profit margin over social media platforms. When the people buy the product which you share and mention, you will earn money as you keep a margin over the wholesale price.

Download Meesho for Android.

U Speak We Pay

Best Money Earning Apps

As the name indicates, the concept and rewards that "U Speak We Pay," means the app pays its users for speaking. It only pays its users for reading the messages on display. Once you complete the reading of messages, the app pays you real cash in your accounts.

More than 5 lakh registered users are accessing this app, and still, the users are growing. This money-making app is slightly different from other money-making apps as it pays its user for speaking. You must be thinking about what benefits the company will get for reading the message through other people. The messages read by all users across India are used as databases to train Artificial Intelligence systems in speech-oriented functions and voice recognition.

Tips for using the "U Speak We Pay" app to earn money?

  • Download the "U Speak We Pay" app and install it on your smartphone.
  • Register the app using your Gmail account.
  • Choose your preferred languages between Punjabi, English, Kannada, Malayalam, etc., so that you can speak correct pronunciation and click on the Record Button.
  • Now, the app shows you some messages on the screen, and you have to read these sentences.
  • Once the reading process gets finished, you will earn real money, which will be credited to your account.

You can also earn money by referring this app to your friends and other contact persons. The app pays to your Paytm account once it reaches a minimum of INR Rs. 25 in your account.

Speak sentences clearly with correct pronunciation to improve your accuracy and boost your earning.

Download U Speak We Pay for Android.


Best Money Earning Apps

SquadRun is another money-earning app through which you can earn ample money online. You never get disappointed while using this app. SquadRun app provides a flexible workforce to popular e-commerce platforms, including Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, Ola, etc. This app works on various aspects such as tagging pictures, collecting information about products, providing details about products, etc. Once the task gets completed, you will earn a Squad coin. The app pays you for every single task completed.

You can withdraw your earned squad coins by PayUmoney or via Paytm wallet. As the app provides several different tasks to you in a day, there is also the possibility to earn an ample amount of money.

To start working on the SquadRun money-making app, download and install the app from Google Play Store. After that, register it using your Facebook Id. Now you will be asked a few questions, and after completion, you can earn money. You can maximize your revenue by referring it to others.

Download SquadRun for Android.

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