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Best Movies in the World

1. Shawshank Redemption

Best Movies in the World

The movie that comes to people's minds when we talk about the best movies in the world is Shawshank Redemption. It is no shock that it is the highest-ranked movie. The story revolves around the highly secured prison and the lives of prisoners living in there. Movies other than Shawshank redemption might not have pleasing moments but this movie will surely manage to surprise you with the greatly executed plot.

The story was written by Stephen King who told the story of the titular prison and the center of the plant was a friendship between two inmates. The screen displayed the best relationship between two men which led to one of the best endings in the history of films.

2. Godfather part 2

Best Movies in the World

The Godfather part 2 is the most praised film of all time and it comes in fair position on the list of IMDB. However, it is one of the highly acclaimed movies of that time but still could not be earned the mark of highest rank filmed in that trilogy. This honor goes directly to the original part. There has been a lot of debate and controversies on which part is better in the trilogy. Regardless of the debate, the film fan and critics feel safe to say they both are massive achievements in the cinematic universe.

The story revolves around the Corleone family, an American -Italian mafia family who struggles with keeping their power alive after the peace and patriarch of the family gets disturbed. The movie will make you feel all kinds of emotions like action, violence, comedy, intense, emotion, and many more. There are numerous lines and unforgettable scenes that can make your day. So it is no wonder that it had made its place in the top films of all time. It is also regarded as an inspiring film for today's top directors.

3. The Dark Knight

Best Movies in the World

It is a superhero genre movie. Unfortunately the genre superhero might not get lot of respect that the other genres from most filmmakers. But Christopher Nolan's won't make you feel the same as he has given us the most powered supe movie Batman that has proved to be best in several ways like it delivers epic ness, intelligence, graphics, action, stunts, visuals, and thrill.

The Dark Knight shows the desperation of Batman to stop Joker from destroying Gotham as he searches for a replacement to watch the city and be a protector. The film will give you the vibe of a crime epic with dark humor. However, the film is highly remembered for the late Health Ledger's performance as the joker (clown).

4. 12 angry men

Best Movies in the World

12 Angry Men is a small-scale movie directed by Sidney Lumet. However, that doesn't reflect in the film. The film is set mostly inside a juror's room as the debate in twelve men for a murder case that has just been overseen. They collectively put voices insisting the accused is innocent, and the film focuses on the life or death debate.

While the visuals and graphics may seem dull, it was all set to make the movie look more sensible and intense. The director brilliantly makes the room look more and more confined as the debate turns into a rage. The small room gives it a more claustrophobic atmosphere. As the movie was made focusing on twelve men as a jury debating on a case of murder in a small courtroom shows that even a small-scale budget movie can also leave an impact on the audience.

5. Schindler's list

Best Movies in the World

Schindler's list was directed by Steven Spielberg who is an expert in creating great meaningful movies, and it was one of them. However, it is his most difficult to watch and that shows his perfection in the work he does as a director.

Schindler's list is actually a distressing story based on the real-life tale of

Oskar Schindler and his struggle to save Jewish citizens during the Nazi rule in Germany. While Schindler is an inspiring hero, the film most effectively shows the horrific depiction of the holocaust. The movie was created in haunting black and white. Spielberg created a film that will last in people's minds for years.

6. Interstellar

Best Movies in the World

The new gem in the cue is Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Many directors are fond of Christopher's direction of the films although the movie was not critically appraised or blockbuster on the charts as some of his other movies, it still comes under one of the best films of all time directed by Nolan.

The lead role was played by Mathew McConaughey who reluctantly leave his daughter and son behind to join a space mission in search of a suitable planet for humans to begin a new life. Interstellar was full of stunning graphics, a complex plot with an incredible performance by the cast. The movie is categories as a modern sci-fi thriller.

7. Life is beautiful

Best Movies in the World

It is a big task for a movie to blend humor and an uplifting tone inside a plot that is packed with heartwarming nd tragedy climax. It is something the movie life is beautiful has given us to remember how great the movie is to its fans that make its popular reputation.

It is written, directed, and started by an Roberto Benigni, who played a role of an optimistic Jewish man in the Italian movie .his sons become the victim of the holocaust in world war 2 and the father crossed all limits to convince his son that they are in a big maze of controversy, war, and death.

8. Terminator

Best Movies in the World

Making a sequel to a sci-fi thriller The Terminator would not easy task but James Cameron has done a pretty good job in making Terminator 2: Judgement Day in a more clever way. The movie revolves around the fact that the terminator from the future has targeted young John Conner to be sent back as his protector.

The director has given a turning point to the movie by switching Schwarzenegger from being a villain to a hero and it turned out to be more fun than the original. With mind-blowing special effects and visuals, and great action sequences, it is regarded as one of the greatest action sequels ever made.

9. Star Wars

Best Movies in the World

Although we don't often see the series to be featured as best made ever. But you won't believe it if I tell you Star Wars beat them all. Star wars remain the movie that has been the most popular movie franchise of all time. They have introduced the audience to a galaxy far away from our reach, the movie established its iconic characters and great adventure.

Even for today's gen z kids, Star Wars has remained on the list for many. It

still has blown people's minds all these years later. The movie will give you endless enjoyable space adventure moments that is exciting as well as entertaining.

10. The silence of the lambs

Best Movies in the World

Sometimes people want to see and experience a story that cracks the ground on their feet. The Silence of the Lambs delivers exactly the same experience as it cast Jodie Foster as an FBI agent who seeks the help of Hannibal Lector played by Anthony Hopkins, a serial killer in order to catch a new killer in town.

Hannibal Lector has become the most favorite movie villain of all time, but he is not the only reason the movie is in such a high-rated position. It is a serial thriller that fills scares the audience as well as forces them to watch the screen. The movie is filled with great acting, direction, and writing.

11. Se7en

Best Movies in the World

Seven was created by David Fincher who cemented himself in Hollywood without any external help. Rather with his extreme serial killer movies. It is a film that has plot enough to make the audience freak out. Most of them people get surprised with filled suspense, shocking story and intensity the movie contains.

The lead were Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman who enacted as two homicide detectives on the trail of a killer who murders his victims based on the seven deadly sins. It is haunting crime and violent movie with one of the most shocking ending in the history of Hollywood.

12. Matrix : Resurrection

Best Movies in the World

The Matrix is a mind-blowing masterpiece in the action genre. The Matrix: Resurrection has left people with immense joy and excitement. It was one of the best movies with groundbreaking plots in the 90s.

The movie star cast includes Keanu Reeves who played the role of Neo, a bored office worker who got to know a shocking reality about the world he lives in and begins his quest to become the protector of humanity. Even two decades later, he aged extremely well for an action movie.

13. Lord of the Rings

Best Movies in the World

Lord of the Ring is divided into many parts but all the parts will make your watch worth it. It is one of the highest IMDB listed movies. It is a fantasy epic with two interesting elements, the first being the character Gotham and the second is the huge and thrilling battle scene in the third act.

14. Inception

Best Movies in the World

Inception was a movie with great story that too was directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan is one of the most inspiring filmmaker with his extraordinary thinking that results in mind-blowing movie in genres like crime, drama, and thriller. Inception has mind-boggling plot that involves a team of thieves with the ability to enter people' dreams and steal their ideas. Leonardo DiCaprio has given amazing performance as the lead role, and was looking to successfully complete the task assigned to him.

The movie is completely backed by the vision of Nolan. It makes some unforgettable action scenes. The movie is not just a heist film but contains the most suspense and debatable endings of all time.

15. Fight Club

Best Movies in the World

Fight Club was direct by one of the most talented diectors David Fincher. He often work on dark projects but thanks to his choice and precision, he never left his fan with disappointment. He has his own unique visual style. This movie was his most popular films and among the exciting films of 90s era.

Brad Pitt was in the lead role with Tyler Durden a mysterious philospher who leads Edward Norton's mild mannered protagonist to make an underground fighting club. The movie involves dark humor, intense violence, and philosophies all together power packed the thrilling watch and the climax will force the fans to wat h it again and again.

16. Forest Gump

Best Movies in the World

Forest gump is one of the iconic movie with great story. Tom Hanks was the lead character who created an impactful space in the world of great films. It has IMDB rating of 8.8. The film revolves around the life of forest gump who faced lot of struggle throughout his life. He was handicapped boy who faced bullies and regular day to day problems but he conquer it all by standing straight in the face of problems. He even joined the American army and found his love of the life. Hank has the personality of funny, emotional, sensible.

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