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Best Programming language for Beginners

Programming is the new trend these days for techies. So for a beginner, it becomes pretty messy to choose a programming language. Numerous options are present, and the languages shuffle due to changes in trend and the evolution of languages.

We can understand the basic skills to solve a problem through a programming language and do projects for real-world applications.

Thus for these reasons, in this era of programming, a beginner searches for the most straightforward programming language to begin with. Hence it is the most crucial part to choose a programming language.

For a beginner, coding is exciting and fun, but when guarded by a good mentor, it becomes phenomenal as the tricks can be solved efficiently, in an efficient way.

Best Programming language for Beginners

So now, let us get introduced to the programming languages that a novice can understand and begin with.

1. C/C++

Best Programming language for Beginners

C and C++ are considered the mother of all programming languages. If you learn any one of them, you can learn the other very easily.

Mostly it is an essential subject in engineering or intermediate studies.

Dennis Ritchie developed C. It is a procedural programming language. It follows the basic programming concepts like OOPs, which are much more advanced and is asked in many job interviews. C++ and C are also used in competitive programming through which students can land good package jobs.

The concepts can be easily understood and grasped as highly readable in a high-level language and more readable.

Note - C++ is known as the superset of C language. It means all the libraries and functions used in C can be applied in C++ language.

Here is a sample program in C and C++.

C Code


Best Programming language for Beginners

C++ Code


Best Programming language for Beginners

Characteristics of C and C++

  • C++ and C are the primary programming languages for every beginner.
  • C++ follows OOPs, and C follows POP.
  • C++ has rich libraries, and C has few libraries when compared to C++.
  • The structure of both programming languages includes a primary function from where the program execution begins.
  • Many operating systems are written in these languages.
  • C is more efficient when it comes to memory than C++ because it directly interacts with the CPU registers.
  • Both languages are case-sensitive. It means that if the syntax misses a semicolon, capitalization can give compile-time

2. Python

Best Programming language for Beginners

It is the most straightforward language to learn as the code lines are elementary and shorthand. It is the fastest-growing accessible language. Its ease of learning and using python is easier to write and execute than some other programming languages.

The reason for growing faster is its implementation in making machine learning and artificial intelligence models. It is also used in cloud computing.

Wider community and good responses from corporates also make it the more flexible and convenient language to begin with. The python language can be integrated with other languages like C, C++, etc.

At an advanced level, the framework of python like Django, Flask are prevalent in backend development.

Python code-


Best Programming language for Beginners

Characteristics of Python -

  • Easy to learn and use - The language is easy to learn as a beginner and is very handy after giving it some time.
  • Free and open-source - The language is fully open source. We can download it from its official websites and install it in our system.
  • Object-oriented - All the object-oriented concepts like encapsulation, overloading, overriding can be applied to python. Hence making it more usable.
  • Interpreted language - Like other languages, Python is an interpreted language as all the code lines are executed line by line. The code, when compiled, converts to an interpreted form that's called the machine code.
  • Dynamically typed - This language is dynamically typed as the data type of a variable is decided at the run time.

3. Java

Best Programming language for Beginners

Java is a class based highly object-oriented language. Oracle Corporation developed it. It is a generic, reflective, imperative, and multi-paradigm language.

This language is pretty easy for beginners. Over 3 billion devices run java, and it is the most used in industries. It is used to make mobile apps, desktop applications, Big data, etc.

Java is a high-level language and case sensitive. One interesting fact about Java is that the byte code of any program can be run on any machine, making it a platform-independent language.

Java code -


Best Programming language for Beginners

Characteristics of Java

  • Object-oriented - Java is an object-oriented language as the base program executes using a class.
  • Platform-independent and straightforward - If we know any OOP concept language, it becomes easier to learn Java. The byte code makes it platform-independent as the program runs according to the particular machine specifications.
  • Secure and Robust - The runtime and compile-time checking make this language more robust. It also helps to develop virus-free, tamper-free systems. Here authentication is based on public key systems.
  • Dynamic and Distributed - Java gives us a more evolving environment by keeping the run time information that can be used to verify and resolve access to objects at run time. Java is designed such that it have a distributed environment of the internet,

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