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Best Tablets

It can be difficult to decide which of the exceptional tablets to purchase in 2022 because there are so many options available. We've assembled this helpful information as a result to aid you in making the best decision. Whether you're looking for a coffee table tablet, a workhorse with keyboard or stylus peripherals, something intended for entertainment, or a slate that can do it all, there are options for everyone, ranging from Apple's iPad series to Android and Windows solutions.

We've restricted your options to only the top tablets available in 2022, whatever it is you're looking for. You can be looking for a budget-friendly tablet or one of the fancier higher-end options from Apple or a few Android manufacturers for the youngsters to play with. We have created the list of best tablets available in the market in 2022.

1. Apple iPad Air

Best Tablets

Even if the iPad Air 4 is wonderful, the iPad Air 5 has taken its place. Between portability and power, it finds the perfect balance. The brand-new iPad Air 2022 is excellent for creating and watching content, and many people can afford its $599 starting price.

The iPad Air 2022 is now practically on pace with the iPad Pro thanks to the addition of M1. That doesn't mean the Air has replaced the Pro, but the strength gap is noticeably reduced. This, together with its rather low starting price, should make the new iPad Air more alluring than the iPad Pro for consumers on a budget who nevertheless prefer the best iPad their money can buy.

The most recent iPad Air is a tablet that is almost ideal. Even while there is still space for development, it is difficult to put this strong, svelte slate down. For the majority of folks, this tablet is undoubtedly the best.

2. Apple iPad 2021

Best Tablets

It's (almost) fine that the 9th generation iPad looks exactly like the 8th generation update. The 2021 iPad receives the essential performance boost from the A13 Bionic chip to keep it humming along while iPadOS 15 introduces more laptop-mastering features like LiveText. At this stage, the iPad's display is still vibrant and brilliant, which is exactly what it needs. Additionally, Apple is continuing to support its first-generation Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio, which many people may find to be easier to use than third-party Bluetooth choices.

The Pencil will be available for annotation using Scribble, and the keyboard will enable you to benefit from the improved keyboard shortcut functionality. The one aspect of the iPad that we don't like is how the iPad mini and iPad Air are making it appear even more dated than its format already is. Sound quality and battery life are still excellent. However, it still retains a headphone jack (no other iPad has one), which is a bonus for those who like wired headphones. Additional support for Apple's more expensive add-ons would be wonderful.

3. Samsung Galaxy tab S8

Best Tablets

While the Galaxy Tab S8 is good at many things, it excels at being a high-end Android tablet. It can be used to complete tasks quickly, but it works best as a quick all-purpose tool for improving the enjoyment of both work and play. It is a good idea to have an additional display or note-taking device while working, especially if you go to the expense of investing in the Galaxy ecosystem and converting your workplace to support DeX.

You almost certainly choose the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra if you need the biggest, baddest Android slate there is. However, the Galaxy Tab S8 offers a stunning high-end Android tablet if that's all you need while also establishing a new standard for what we expect from the class.

4. Amazon fire 7

Best Tablets

Charge can make a significant difference for many customers, but when it comes to the $50 Fire 7 tablet, Amazon could have wanted to coast. Fortunately, the most recent version of the brand's most affordable slate comes with a speedy quad-core 1.3 GHz processor that makes using apps and browsing the internet faster than you might expect from a product of this price. Additionally, the Fire 7 featured speech triggers for Alexa, which was long overdue. Earlier Fire devices required tapping to activate Alexa, which was absurd given that the digital assistant is meant to be activated by voice.

Just don't anticipate any extras like those seen in more pricier tablets. For those accustomed to using an iPad, the Fire 7 tablet's sub-HD display is no longer sharp enough, and its lock display is cluttered with advertisements unless you pay extra. Even so, it's a fantastic choice for kids searching for a media consumption gadget.

5. Microsoft Surface Go 2

Best Tablets

It sometimes takes a second attempt to make anything work. Every flaw in the first Surface Go is targeted by and corrected in the Surface Go 2. First of all, thinner bezels enable a larger screen, which is probably the most important aspect of a tablet. The Surface Go 2's screen is 10.5 inches instead of the first model's 10 inches.

The Surface Go 2's battery life, which is eleven hours and 39 minutes longer than the first Surface Go's, is the biggest gain. Microsoft also provided a laptop with a high-quality webcam. For the technology of online video calls, the front camera sensor and the 5-megapixel 1080p camera in its top bezel are of the highest quality. Although a touch more expensive ($629), the Surface Go two with the eighth generation Intel Core m3 upgrade is the best option for multitaskers.

6. Samsung Galaxy tab S8 ultra

Best Tablets

The first tablet to figuratively cast a shadow over the iPad Pro is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ($1,099). This Android slate, with its enormous 14.6-inch OLED display, makes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro look little in comparison. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra should likely replace a laptop thanks to its extended multi-window mode and optional keyboard attachment.

With the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Samsung is definitely focusing on hybrid and at-home workers as it features twin front cameras that can support up to 4K quality for video conversations and auto framing to keep you in the frame as you move around. Additionally, there is excellent noise suppression to make sure your voice is heard clearly.

Other advantages of the Tab S8 Ultra include a speedy Snapdragon 8 Gen-1 processor, a low-latency S Pen experience, 45W quick charging, and increased compatibility with Galaxy S series phones. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra sells for a hefty $1,099 premium.

7. Samsung Galaxy tab S7

Best Tablets

Finally, there is an iPad competition for Android users that is far more affordable. The Galaxy Tab A7 is a top-notch 10.4-inch tablet for consuming information, retailing for $229 (and sometimes much less). Because of its incredibly small bezels, which are thinner than those on Apple's $329 iPad, you can concentrate more on your content whether you're browsing the web or watching movies. It passed the battery test with plenty of time to spare, lasting 13 hours and 13 minutes and it now has the iPad Pro feature that Apple charges a premium for: face recognition to unlock the device.

Additionally, the Galaxy Tab A7 charges via USB-C, just like Apple's more expensive tablets, allowing you to continue eliminating non-reversible microUSB connections from your life. At this price, none of those shortcomings?while it is slower than the iPad and its screen is less bright?represents a significant issue.

8. iPad mini 6

Best Tablets

The iPad mini 6, which may be the iPad you've been waiting for, is the result of taking practically everything we know and love about the iPad Air and reducing it to a size and weight that makes it exceptionally simple to operate with just one hand. It boasts the Apple Pencil 2, flat sides, significantly smaller bezels, and almost all the other characteristics we love about an iPad. With the prices of its Fire slates, Amazon currently has the market cornered on sub-10-inch tablets, but the new iPad mini offers those of us who place a premium on quality an alternative that is well worth the investment.

Additionally, the iPad Air and every other non-Pro iPad are outperformed by the lightning-fast A15 Bionic system-on-chip. Additionally, it has remarkably good sound for such a small gadget, as well as a display that is extremely bright (around 500 nits of brightness. The iPad Mini 6's one and only flaw is its size. Although it costs a little more than the standard iPad ($499), this is another instance of "you get what you pay for."

9. iPad Pro 2021

Best Tablets

Although the 12.9-inch iPad Pro may also have a larger screen, the 11-inch iPad Pro is probably preferable for more users. In addition to having a superior battery life?more than 13 hours. it is also lighter and fits better with the Magic Keyboard from last year. Additionally, it costs $300 less. However, they named it the iPad Pro for a reason?designed it's for people who use demanding video and photo editing software.

Its four speakers produce much louder music than you might anticipate from such a little device, and its bright and vivid display is sharp. The easiest and smoothest tablet typing experience is provided by its fantastic Magic Keyboard, if you're ready to shell out the cash.

10. Lenovo yoga tab 13

Best Tablets

With its excellent 13-inch display and sound quality, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is an entertainment-focused Android tablet that may make you feel as though you are viewing movies and TV shows on a decent TV rather than a large tablet. The slate's 2K screen offers a little bit more versatility by serving as a supplementary screen for your laptop or tablet.

It is still the best system available, but it is no longer the most portable. A defensive cowl is also extremely difficult to find due to its unique design. Another disappointment is the absence of 5G support and a headphone jack. If you're looking for an entertainment-focused tablet that you don't intend to carry about much, the Yoga Tab 13 is still a good choice.

11. Remarkable 2

Best Tablets

If you're a writer who enjoys writing on paper, you'll understand why the iPad and accompanying Apple Pencil don't actually feel natural. The reMarkable tablets have stepped into the fray in this area, giving a writing experience that feels realistic thanks to a novel screen technology that uses digital paper and the Marker stylus, whose nib feels more authentic when pressed on the screen. The reMarkable 2, on the other hand, is a significantly more appealing device, measuring a slimmer 0.2 inches and doing away with its plastic casing in favour of a more streamlined metal chassis.

And it's no longer just a notebook, too. Because of cloud syncing, you can read your archives on iPhones, iPads, PCs, Macs, and Android devices. The reMarkable 2 also converts your handwriting into editable text so you may turn your unfinished ideas into a full composition or share your notes with your entire team. Its two-week battery life also means you don't have to have it plugged in all the time; you can simply leave it on your coffee table for when inspiration strikes.

12. Samsung Galaxy tab S6

Best Tablets

With the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Samsung has finally caught up to the iPad in terms of hardware, despite the less than stellar history of Android tablets. This fantastic tablet is stylish, has a bright display, loud speakers, and a tonne of battery life?lasting more than 12 hours on a single charge. All of this adds up to a tablet that is truly outstanding for consuming entertainment. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite stands out from the crowd of mid-range tablets even more, due to its thin bezels, which give the impression that it resembles the iPad Pro more than the iPad.

It is less likely that you will misplace the S-Pen pen, which provides low-latency drawing, because it clips to the top of the Tab S6 Lite by default.

However, if users want to multitask, the performance of the Tab S6 Lite might not be outstanding. There are also other Android tablet apps that might yet benefit from their creators' extra attention.

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