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Bharathiar University


In February of 1982, the Government of Tamil Nadu established Bharathiar University. The University Grants Commission then acknowledged it in the year 1985 after it had been established. The poet, activist, and journalist from India known as Subramania Bharathiar is honoured by having his name given to this educational institution. In addition to being a prominent personality during the nationalist era, he was also a pioneer in the development of the modern Tamil poetry style.

Bharathiar University

Coimbatore, a large city in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India, is just 15 kilometres from the institution. Coimbatore is widely regarded as South India's textile capital and also regarded as having one of the highest rates of industrialization in all of Tamil Nadu. In the meanwhile, the region around the city is a significant player in the cotton-producing business, and the hills in the surrounding area are used for the cultivation of tea and coffee.

The Maruthamalai Hills, which are a part of the Western Ghat range, provide a picturesque background for the university's sprawling campus, which covers an area of one thousand acres. This is the location of the Maruthamalai Temple, which was constructed by the rulers of Tamil around the 12th century. Each year, an ever-increasing number of travellers make their way to the temple. The university is comprised of thirteen schools, each of which is further subdivided into a variety of departments that focus on certain fields. The fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering, educational studies, mathematics, and statistics are all taught at these institutions. Students have their choice of a variety of undergraduate and graduate level courses to take within any department they choose to study in.

The Bharathiar University Centre for Life Sciences was established to make research activities more accessible to both students and faculty. The centre is equipped with modernized facilities as well as analytical equipment, which will help to improve the overall quality of the research that is conducted there. As a direct consequence of this, the institution has emerged as a prominent centre of research activity in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Bharathiar university's mission is to give students in their formative year's access to higher education of a standard that is on par with that found internationally. The purpose is not only to teach students new information and improve their abilities but also to cultivate in them a better manner and a character that is dedicated to meeting the requirements of society and supporting the growth of the country. The school's slogan is "Educate to Elevate." The this University of India works hard to accomplish the vision of India and to achieve excellence in promoting and conserving the many cultural traditions of our history as well as the secular principles of the country as a whole.


At both the postgraduate and the doctoral levels, Bharathiar University provides students with the opportunity to enrol in a wide choice of programs that cover a broad range of subject areas. In addition, the university provides students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of postgraduate diploma programs, as well as online education courses and programs leading to undergraduate degrees. Admissions are now being accepted for the Master of Education program, as well as the Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling and Educational Administration.

Program enrolment at universities is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The application forms and prospectus may either be collected in person or via the mail from the university centres, or they can be downloaded from the university website after payment of INR 150 in the form of a Demand Draft that has been crossed off.

The Procedure for Selection

The procedure for choosing participants differs from one educational program to another. The University may use an entrance test as the sole criterion for admission, or it may grant seats on a first-come, first-served basis to those who meet the minimum requirements. Before completing the list of applicants for certain courses offered by the university, the institution may conduct interviews as part of the selection process.

Application Process for Undergraduate Study at Bharathiar University

Students at Bharathiar University may choose between two specialized courses as part of their undergraduate program of study. These courses are known as B.Vocational in Business Process and Data Analytics, B.Vocational in Multimedia and Animation, and B.P.Ed. (Physical Education)

Eligibility Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

  • To be eligible to study for the Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc.), applicants are required to have graduated from high school (Class 12) from an approved college or board with an overall grade point average of at least 55 per cent. However, the institutions may also impose certain extra eligibility requirements on the applicants, and those candidates are required to satisfy such requirements before applying for admission.
  • The Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.) is a graduate degree program that may be completed in either three or four years and focuses on the] important aspects of health science. Bachelor of Physical Education students in India and elsewhere have access to a wide variety of employment opportunities in a variety of fields, including the sciences, athletics, education, industries, nutrition, healthcare, communications, and psychology.To be eligible for a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, students need to have an aggregate score of at least 50% in their 10+2 examinations. Aspirants may apply and enrol in the Bachelor of Physical Education program at any point in their academic careers since there is no fixed age requirement or other restriction that must be met to be eligible.

Admissions for the Postgraduate Program and the Diploma at Bharathiar University

The university provides a variety of postgraduate degree programs such as MA, M.Sc., M.Com, and so on in a wide variety of fields. Additionally, the university provides several certificate programs such as PG Diploma in Environmental Education, Cheminformatics, and so on. In addition to that, the institution provides training for B.P.Ed and M.P.Ed, as well as MBA and MCA degrees (Regular and Lateral Entry). The performance of applicants in an entrance examination and qualifying examinations up to the fifth semester and second year(In UG) will be considered in the selection process. The Admissions Exam will be given only on the college premises.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible for admission to the majority of the postgraduate programs provided by Bharathiar university, students need to demonstrate that they meet the following requirements:

  • The candidate must have graduated with an aggregate grade point average of at least 55 per cent from an undergraduate program at an institution of higher education that is officially recognized within the nation. The course must have been in a related field, and it is up to the University to decide if an earned degree is relevant to the subject of the Master's degree. Following government guidelines, special consideration may be provided to minority students.
  • A Bachelor of Teaching degree is required for admission to the Master of Education program; however, a Bachelor of Arts degree in an area relevant to education may also be considered.
  • To apply for a position in Biochemistry, you need to have an aggregate grade point average of at least 60 per cent from your undergraduate studies.
  • To be accepted into a Master of Science program, the student's undergraduate education must have included both a science stream and areas closely linked to the field of study.
  • Mathematical Statistics, Business Economics, and Commerce are all acceptable alternatives to fulfil the prerequisite requirements for courses in economics and econometrics. The University may also consider other related subjects.
  • To be eligible for an MBA, students need to have already obtained their undergraduate degree from a reputable institution in addition to meeting the educational requirements outlined in the 10+2+3 format.
  • To be eligible for the Master of Computer Application (MCA), a candidate must have earned a passing grade in any recognized Bachelor's degree program that was at least three years long and followed the 10+2+3 or 4-year pattern. Additionally, the candidate must have earned an A grade in any recognized Bachelor's degree program that followed the 10+3 years Diploma +3 years pattern and counted mathematics or statistics as one of their subjects at the Bachelor's degree level.
  • To be eligible for MCA (Lateral Entry) admissions, a candidate must have a Bachelor's Degree with a minimum duration of three years in B.C.A., B.Sc. (Computer Science / Computer Tech / Information And technology) or Equivalent with Mathematics as a course either at the higher secondary level or the graduate level.

Admissions to the PhD. Program at Bharathiar University

The Bharathiar University provides students with the opportunity to earn a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in almost all of the university's departments, with more than 37 different areas of study. A postgraduate degree in a field relevant to the study is often required to be considered for admission to the research programs. The institution generally accepts applications during two sessions: one in November and one in May. The application procedure is the same as for the university's other courses. After completing the university's Common Entrance Test (CET), new students must participate in a personal interview before being accepted into the research programs.

Eligibility Requirements for PhD.

To be eligible for admission to this institution, interested students must demonstrate that they meet the requirements listed below.

  • The candidate must have earned a Master's degree from a recognized institution in the nation and had a cumulative grade point average of at least 55% to be considered. The institution requires the course to be either directly relevant to the subject or a closely related topic.
  • According to government rules, restricted groups may be granted a 5% reduction in the 55% minimum threshold.
  • Suppose an applicant has already shown academic excellence by passing a highly competitive test like the National Eligibility Test (NET)or its equivalent. In that case, they are not required to give the entrance exam.

Bharathiar University Placement

Since its establishment, Bharathiar university has maintained an outstanding placement record. The Institute cultivates and maintains partnerships with well-known business houses and personnel recruiters through the Industry Institution Partnerships program. The placement unit of Bharathiar University serves as a junction between higher education and the workforce. Additionally, the placement cell of BU is responsible for organizing many different counselling sessions for students to attend to get them ready for placement. Students interested in learning more about the average salary at Bharathiar University and the maximum salary at Bharathiar University may check out the university's official website. Jobs for Bharathiar University students were provided by a variety of organizations, including ITC, NIIT, Akai, Infosys, Mahindra Holiday, Canon India, Citicorp, Gillette, Sharp, and Hyundai automobiles, amongst many others.

Facilities at Bharathiar university


At Bharathiar University, ten different dormitories are available for students. Each dormitory is named after a different poet. In addition, there is a hostel geared specifically toward serving the requirements of students from other countries, complete with deluxe amenities and the normal ones. Initially, undergraduates and postgraduate students are provided with amenities ranging from double occupancy to sharing a room for four styles of accommodation.

The residents of each Bharathiar University hostel have access to Wi-Fi. Each hostel has an office room staffed by a designated supervisor responsible for managing the hostel's day-to-day operations. Students at Bharathiar University have access to the university's gardens and newspaper rooms throughout the day and at night in most of the university's dormitories. The TV rooms are kept in common and have enough places to sit to improve the experience.

Fitness Centre

A fitness centre can be found in the Bharathiar University infrastructure, located in the basement of the building that houses the School of distance education. Everyone on the staff, as well as students and people from the public, is welcome to use the facility. Women also have access to a separate workout centre. The Bharathiar University offers trained fitness instructors available for both men and women in the morning and evening of every day of the week, apart from Sundays. These teachers are ready to assist individuals.

The primary goals of the centre are to facilitate the maintenance of physical fitness, the reduction of excess weight, and the development of muscle mass. To work out different parts of the body, modern weight machines such as a nine-station gym for the upper extremities and a six-station multigym for the lower extremities are available. These machines allow users to perform exercises such as pull-downs, peck decks, arm curls, and abdominal crunches.


The Arignar Anna Central Library at Bharathiar University occupies a space that is approximately 11,230 square feet in area. The library of Bharathiar University has a capacity of around 330 students and has more than 1,90,570 books that span every imaginable subject. Currently, 136 national and international publications and 10 major newspapers are part of its collection. In addition, there is a photocopying service available for students' use within the library.

Scholarships Offered by Bharathiar University

The following is a list of the several scholarship programs that are currently being offered to students at the university:

  • Scholarships are made available via a program funded by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Students at BC and MBC who have maintained a cumulative 75% or better attendance record in their respective programs are eligible to apply for the post-merit scholarship. If the annual household income of the student's parents is less than one lakh Indian Rupees, then that student is eligible for this scholarship.
  • Government scholarship(Indian Government) is only for students who live in hostels. It is only available to SC-ST students who have transformed their category, and whose parents' yearly income must fall within the range of 50,000 Indian Rupees (INR). The scholarship is only available for students pursuing higher education.
  • The state government of Tamil Nadu offers outstanding funding to students who are categorized asSC, ST, or Adi-Dravidarwho have now converted to Christianity. The student's family must have an annual income of less than one lakh Indian rupees (INR) if they fall into the SC category and less than one lakh and eight thousand Indian rupees if they belong to the ST category to qualify for the scholarship loan. It is required that the students have a minimum attendance rate of 75% in the course that they took the year before.

Distance Education offered by Bharathiar University.

To make its distance learning programs available to students both locally and internationally, Bharathiar University has established a School of Distance Education. Several degree programs are available, including undergraduate and graduate levels of education.

The Government of Tamil Nadu founded this institution of higher education as a state university in 1982 in Coimbatore. Currently, the School has about 308 Admission Centres all over India. This number is steadily growing as more and more people show interest. Each applicant's excellence is considered throughout the selection process, and candidates are ranked according to their academic history. The National Assessment and Accrediting Council (NAAC) has awarded it the rating of "A."

Application Procedure for the Bharathiar University Distance Education Program

Once the applicant has shown that they satisfy the requirements for admission, they are eligible to apply to the distance education programs offered by Bharathiar University. Candidates may download the application form via the official website of Bharathiar University's Distance Education, and before applying for a course online, please ensure you meet the requirements (passed the appropriate exams) and read the online admissions instructions carefully.

  • For consideration, the applicant must provide a high-quality PDF scan of the original certificates (each file size: 1Mb maximum).
  • The option of utilizing a camera or smartphone to make PDF files is also available.
  • To apply to universities at the undergraduate level, you will need to provide scanned copies of both your secondary school certificate and your SSLC(Secondary School leaving certificate).
  • To apply for PG, you must also scan your mark sheet from Primary School, Secondary School, and your undergraduate degree or provisional certificate.
  • If the applicant has tried more than once and passed later (for example, they failed the first attempt but passed the second time), scan all the mark sheets into a single PDF file.
  • It is necessary to scan or take a picture of the applicant's most current photograph in passport size and save it as a JPG file.
  • The applicant's signature must be scanned or captured as an image in a JPG file.
  • If the applicant is eligible for a concession, they are required to scan the letter and save it as a PDF file.

Required Documents

  • Certificate and a copy of the mark sheet from the qualifying examination.
  • Colour photos were taken within the last six months that are passport size.
  • Demand Draft or Bank Challan, whichever you prefer.
  • Migration certificate (If applicable).
  • Caste certificate (If applicable).
  • To avoid paying the working concession, the service certificate must be shown.

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