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Bhoothakaalam Review

In the movie Bhoothakalam directed by Rahul Sadasivan, the characters face numerous psychological challenges in a scary nighttime environment. The cast includes Revathi, Shane Nigam, and Saiju Kurup.

Bhoothakaalam Review

Cast and Crew

The film was written and directed by Rahul Sadasivan, with additional writing by Sreekumar Shreyas. Rahul Sadasivan also created the story. The movie was produced by Teresa Rani and Sunila Habeeb and starred Shane Nigam, Revathi, Saiju Kurup, James Eliya, and Athira Patel.

The cinematography was done by Shehnad Jalal, and Shafique Mohammed Ali did the editing. The music was composed by Gopi Sundar. The film was produced by Plan T Films and Shane Nigam Films and distributed by SonyLIV. Its release date was on January 21, 2022, with a running time of 105 minutes. The movie was produced in India and is in the Malayalam language.


Vinu and his mother don't get along very well since they both struggle with sadness and anxiety. After Vinu's grandma passes away in their rental home, things grow worse.


The movie begins with an elderly woman with shining white hair slowly entering a room and sitting beside her sleeping grandson. Initially, we are unaware that the young man is her grandson and appears uncomfortable as he wakes up to find her sitting there. Despite the absence of any eerie music or sound effects, the viewer can sense that something is incorrect. The young man informs his mother in the adjacent room that his grandmother is awake, putting any fears of a ghostly presence to rest. However, the viewer's initial suspicions are confirmed as the film progresses.

No need to congratulate yourself for correctly forecasting the story. The director has meticulously crafted each scene, building up to the climax. Bhoothakaalam is a well-thought-out film with outstanding performances and a well-written script. Credit goes to the writer and director, Rahul Sadasivan, for his excellent research. The portrayal of a middle-aged woman's character is particularly heartwarming. It's refreshing to see Revathy cast in a role rarely seen in Malayalam cinema, which has improved significantly in recent years.

Revathy becomes Asha, the lady whose kid wakes her at night to tell her granny is awake. Asha quickly jumps into action after giving the clock one more exhausted glance. The elderly grandmother is carried to her bed by the devout daughter and the sour grandson. Valsala Menon hardly says a word, but you'll see that she still makes her role unforgettable. When he complains, "I can't do this four or five times a day," it immediately becomes an eerily familiar household scenario.

The movie depicts a peaceful period in a cozy home setting, emphasizing tranquility. Although the mother and son live together, their relationship isn't particularly close. The mother works as a teacher and manages the household with her money. The son has completed his education and isn't a burden to his mother, but she still doesn't want him to take a job too far from home. This scenario is familiar to many young people who have to live near their parents, where dinner table disputes, pacing back and forth, and angry door-slamming are common occurrences.

Even the house's interior is remarkably authentic, particularly the kitchen, where many scenes featuring Revathy cooking dosas were filmed. Not your typical attractive modular kitchen with brightly colored vessel racks. Its simplicity is what makes it beautiful. It just fits into the life of two hurt people so naturally. The morning following the grandson's complaint, the third person, the grandma, dies.

The noises that you anticipated begin to appear after that. Rahul Sadasivan deserves praise for setting everything up delicately. And thanks to Shane Nigam for encasing your concerns in Vishnu's. That is the character's name, which sounds like a pet name and what others called him affectionately when he was a youngster.

The grown-up Vinu hardly has an excellent time at home since all the "Vinu" he hears now is surrounded by disputes or reprimands from a frustrated mother. Vinu needs the help of his friends and girlfriend (Athira Patel), whom he ignores when he's in a bad mood.

Vinu often visits the local tavern and can be found drinking alone in a corner. If you do the same when feeling spooked, these details may give you some ideas. When Vinu first notices disturbances, he doesn't immediately tell his mother. Instead, he goes to his uncle's house. James Eliya has a small role as the concerned uncle who brings in a therapist to speak with Vinu. While he appears to be the voice of reason, he subtly overpowers his sister-in-law's objections on at least two occasions.

Asha is far from a timid person. She has problems, visits a doctor for her mental health, and is given medicine. At night, she cries ferociously. Vinu's disregard for his mother's piercing crying indicates that this has been going on for some time. The dialogues between Revathy and Shane are so close to reality that you realize there haven't been many movies that include these mother-son conversations.

Most of the time, you see an emotionally unstable or loving mother. Arguments and discussions at the dinner table are rarely ever seen. Revathy is so wonderful that you question why screenwriters don't give her more influential roles. Saiju Kurup, whose appearance on television is comfortable, gives another outstanding performance.

In creating the movie, director Rahul leaves a lot of possibilities open. He gives you the freedom to read into events as you see appropriate. The movie could resemble a psychological thriller, and you might make a mental connection. It could be utterly supernatural in another. And a third view may only focus on relationships with others.

The music that suddenly appeared in the middle of the movie was added as an afterthought, which was a slight peculiarity. The beautiful song features a young couple walking together on the street and in the metro. It simply happened suddenly. Shane Nigam demonstrates his ability to sing, create songs, and compose well, though, at times, the music has a Rex Vijayan-like feel. However, listening to an unexpected love song is always more enjoyable than imagining a ghost or two lurking outside your room.

The only issue is that there was no disclosure that the movie had frightening aspects. It made an effort to pass like a drama. Therefore, those who don't enjoy horror movies should be advised that even if the film is well-made, it might give them nightmares.


Revathi has won the Best Actress award at the 2022 Kerala State Film Awards.


The rating for Bhoothakaalam Movie is 3.5 out of 5.

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