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Billing Management System in C++

Project for Billing a Supermarket in C++ with Source Code - This C++ grocery store billing system is a straightforward console program without any visuals. You will learn how to use the stream class and manage files in the C++ programming language with this project.

What is exactly a Supermarket Bill?

The supermarket billing system is intended to help supermarkets calculate and show invoices, as well as provides faster and more effective customer service. The user interface of this software solution is both efficient and user-friendly, helping staff members with customer service and bill calculation.

Why does Supermarket need a billing system?

They can keep their money in order since billing software is one of the greatest options for all kinds of grocery store enterprises. A good billing program can retain accurate financial records and eliminate human data entry mistakes.

What Functions Do Supermarket Billing Systems Serve?

By ensuring that the billing system is transparent and that the precise amount has been stated for the purchases, the supermarket billing system helps to preserve a good connection between the customer and the shop management. It enables and guarantees consumer payment.

Import the Necessary Libraries

Identifying the C++ libraries that our software will require as a first step. At the commencement of the presentation, these will be given. The header files are imported using #include from a library, iostream is the first library that our app needs. We'll use this library to manage our Supermarket Billing Project using C++ basic input and output.

Program Breakdown

We will import all the necessary libraries to avoid any kind of errors.

In the above peace of code we have created a head class having the member function name, total items, quantity, price, input and output.

In the above peace of code we have derived a class vat which is inherited from the class head.

In the above peace, it will responsible for the input like add the number of items, name of the items, enter the quantity of the item and enter the price for it.

The above peace of code is responsible to display the the items entered by the user.

The above peace of code is use to calculate the amount of the items that the user has entered.

The above peace of code is used to show the calculated price of the items entered by the user.

The above peace of code will help the user to enter the password in the billing system. This will help the user to maintain the security of the supermarket billing system.

The above code will be the driver code of our supermarket billing system. In which the user will be asked to enter the password. If the password entered by the user is wrong then it will say wrong password try again.

If the user entered the correct password then the above loop while come in action.

The above loop will run according the option selected by the user.

Program for Supermarket Billing System


***Press any key to continue . . .
                        Billing Management System
                        What you want to do?
                        1.      To enter new entry
                        2.      To view previous entries
                        3.      Exit
Enter your option: 1

Enter number of items= 3
Enter name of item 1: Vegetables
Enter quantity: 1kg
Enter price of item 1:
Enter name of item 2: Enter quantity: Enter price of item 2:
Enter name of item 3: Enter quantity: Enter price of item 3:
Name of Item    Quantity   Price  Total Price
Vegetables              1          0       0
                0          1.4013e-045     0
                1.13027e-038       0       0

        Quantity= 1              Sum= 0 With Vat:0

                        ****PAYMENT SUMMARY****

                        Total cash given:
                        Total cash repaid: 0
Press any key to continue . . .

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