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Authentication vs. Verification

With the advent of Biometrics, level of security has enhanced. When it comes to safety the first step is verification, and afterward, authentication is done. Generally, people use these two words interchangeably, but both the words have different meanings. The difference between verification and authentication is given below:

Authentication Verification
Authentication refers to a process of determining that an individual is who only they claim to be. Verification means ensuring that the data is associated with a particular individual.
For example, asking dynamic Knowledge-Based Authentication questions that would be difficult for a different individual to answer. Generally to access bank statements you need to enter the account number as a password. For example, you are matching address or date of birth to an individual's name.
For authentication, the individual has to answer specific questions to find out whether that person or individual is eligible to have certain rights to access this resource or not. For verification, the given data which is entered by an individual is matched with the previously stored information present in the database.
Authentication takes confirmation to the next level and is especially important when we are dealing with online transactions. Verification alone is required by some businesses and is merely an extra layer of security for others.

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