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Introduction to Biometrics

The automatic recognition of individuals based on their anatomical (e.g., face, fingerprint, iris, retina) and behavioral (e.g., signature, posture) individualities is called Biometrics. It is a form of information that helps in identifying one's physical characters such as psychosomatic, behavioral characters, etc.

The term Biometrics is made from two words - 'Bio (Greek work)' and 'Metrics' where bio means life and metrics indicate measurements. Biometrics is widely used for security purposes as it provides a high degree of accurateness in recognizing an individual.

Every human being is different from one another regarding physical and behavioral characteristics. We can analyze one's attribute with the help of these characteristics. The physical traits such as fingerprints, the color of the iris, the color of hair, hand geometry, and behavioral features such as voice and accent of tongue, signature, grid, or the way of striking keys of the computer keyboard, etc., makes a person stand out from the rest.

What is a Biometric System?

A biometric system is the latest technology which helps in recognizing a user's physiological, behavioral or both characters as input, verifies it, and identifies the individual as a unique user.

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