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Blind Review


Blind is a criminal thriller directed by Shome Makhija and produced by Sujoy Ghosh, Avishek Ghosh, Hyunwoo Thomas Kim, Sachin Nahar, Pinkesh Nahar, and Manish W in Hindi language. Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey play supporting roles alongside Sonam Kapoor in the film. A blind police officer on the hunt for a serial killer is the primary focus of Blind, which is a remake of the 2011 Korean film of the same name. On July 7, 2023, JioCinema released the film. The majority of the reviews for the film were negative. Sonam Kapoor's acting drew harsh criticism from critics and viewers, among other things.

Plot of the Movie

Gia Singh, portrayed by Sonam Kapoor, who visits her mother's house one dark night, is the subject of the movie. Instead of the cab she had hoped for, a luxurious and private vehicle picked her up. The car's driver, though, is not a normal human. He turns out to be a psychotic kidnapper who kidnaps the women and brutally tortures them to death. The intelligent blind woman Gia Singh started to have suspicions after some cases of missing women were lately reported to the police. She told the police she had these worries, but the COP didn't seem worried and ignored her.

Detective Prithvi handles the cases involving missing people. He finds out very quickly that this isn't just any kidnapping rampage, which is a terrifying truth. It is a precisely planned series of abductions that are carefully linked and connected.

The primary focus of the film is how Prithvi, with Gia Singh's help, discovers the villain and his terrible secrets.


Blind is the Hindi remake of the same-named South Korean crime drama released in 2011. The Korean film has now been dubbed into numerous other languages, including Tamil. The least fascinating of all versions is undoubtedly the Hindi movie by Shome Makhija, which was shot in Scotland during the pandemic. The final result is depressing rather than as dark as expected. The police and tourism industries in Scotland won't be pleased with the outcome.

Blind Review

Gia, a policewoman from Scotland, loses her vision due to a car accident. She is informed that her termination as a field agent was due to carelessness rather than her disability, which caused the car crash. As a result of the tragedy, she loses her job and a sense of purpose in life. She is an orphan, and the series of tragedies in her life drives her belief in God to decrease. Unfortunately, Gia feels pushed to get up from her terrible rest. She is forced to gather confidence after dealing with a stranger acting as a cab driver one disastrous night. Gia uses her background as a police investigator to look into reports of a number of missing women and determines that the driver might be the murderer.

Can she prove to the police that she can see things they can't with her instincts? She decides to go after her evil opponent with the help of her guiding dog Elsa.

The film succeeds when a serial killer or his evil thoughts are not romanticized or elevated. The need to fully understand a criminal's mind leads many excellent true crime documentaries to fall into this trap. It's hard to tell if Blind is unprepared, ignorant, or doesn't want to explore that aspect.

The plot seems solid on paper and contains every component needed to create a gripping criminal thriller. An isolated, visually impaired person who is the target of a horrifying crime and lives in a quiet vacant town is enough to cause fear and nervousness. Other films, including the 2016 movie "Don't Breathe," did an excellent job of showcasing situations like these. Unfortunately, Sonam's slow OTT debut lacks that bone-chilling stressful energy. The film's weak lead cast only makes matters worse because Makhija's slow directing lacks a sense of urgency or horror.

An unfavorable Sonam Kapoor is less energetic and stiffer. Her simple, stone-faced attitude fails to give her justice for her on-screen suffering and circumstances. Purab Kohli's portrayal of a menacing maniac is less authentic and more artificial. Lillete Dubey and Vinay Pathak are wasted in this movie. The only people in this situation who deserve praise are Sonam's makeup artist, the guiding dog named Elsa, and Shubham Saraf, who portrays an eyewitness named Nikhil. With the exception of these, everyone else is merely acting it out.

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