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What is the full form of BLOB

BLOB: Binary Large Object

BLOB stands for Binary Large Object. It is a complex data type, a collection of binary data stored in a database management system. It stores binary data. The variables of this data type have a variable length unlike most of the other data types like integers, floating point numbers, characters and strings. It is used to store images, audio files, and video clips etc. For example, a photo album can be stored in a database through BLOB data type for images and through a string data type for the captions.

BLOB full form

BLOB can be up to 2,147,483,647 characters long. It requires more space than other data types as it is used to store multimedia files. Generally, its size is determined by the disk storage capacity of your system. The minimum size in C/SIDE is 2 GB. Furthermore, BLOB strings are linked with a code page, and do not hold character data.

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