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Difference between Block storage and Object storage

The difference between Block storage and Object storage are listed in the below table:

Features Block storage Object storage
Performance Block storage has a powerful performance with transactional data and databases. Object storage performs great for high flow throughput and big content.
Geography The higher the distance among application and storage, the greater the latency. Using Object storage, data can be saved within multiple regions.
Scalability Addressing needs limits scalability. Object storage can scale boundlessly to petabytes.
Analytics No metadata Object storage contains customizable metadata that can permits data to be efficiently retrieved and organized.
Data Storage Block storage will take any file apart into individual data blocks. It stores the blocks like data's separated pieces. All data's pieces contain the distinct address. Hence it does not require being stored within any file structure. Object storage will take data's each piece and makes it as any object. Data will be stored in the isolated storehouses. It is bundled with related metadata and a specific identifier.
Transaction Units Blocks Object, i.e., files along with custom metadata.
The update's supported type In-place type of updates No support for in-place update: update can make versions of the new object
Protocols SATA, Fibre Channel, SCSI SOAP and REST over HTTP
Suited for Frequently modifying data and transactional data Relatively cloud storage and static file data
Biggest strength High Performance Distributed access and scalability
Limitations Difficult for extending across the data center It suites for modifying transactional data frequently. It does not facilitate any sharing protocol along with the locking mechanism
Characteristics High speed, Low latency, Redundancy, etc. Resource optimization, reduced cost, faster data improvement, infinite scalability, and data analytics.

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