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Bootstrap 5 Example

Bootstrap 5 has a basic format for creating web pages. This web page provides fixed and responsive applications for all devices. We can see the following steps in the basic format of the example.

  • HTML File: create html file in required IDE. This page creates web applications. For example, index.html.
  • Add the HTML 5 doctype: Because Bootstrap version 5 relies on HTML elements and CSS attributes, you must include the HTML 5 doctype at the top of the page, along with the lang property and the right character set.
  • Bootstrap is mobile-friendly: Bootstrap 5 is designed to be mobile-responsive.

Bootstrap's core foundation includes mobile-first styling.

For appropriate rendering and touch zooming, you must include the following <meta> tag within the <head> element:

The "width=device-width" section is used to set the width of the page to match the device's screen width (vary according to the device).

When the browser first loads the page, the initial-scale=1 component is utilized to set the initial zoom level.

  • Apply bootstrap 5 links: the bootstrap 5 can download files from official websites or use online links. The following links use in the head section of the html page.
  • Use container: the bootstrap 5 uses container or container-fluid class in the <div> tag.
    A container is used to enclose the contents of a website. The .container class provides a responsive or fixed-width container.
  • Use bootstrap 5 functions: bootstrap 5 use row and column in the container to place functions. We can contains navbar, content, table, forms and other functions in container using grid system. We can use other classes and CSS styles on the web page.


The following example shows the basic container, columns, and row of the bootstrap 5version. We can see the links and other related tags to create a basic web page.

Here, we use a container with light background with heading and paragraph elements. This container contains the content of the page.



The following image shows the output of the bootstrap 5 examples.

Bootstrap 5 Example


Bootstrap 5 example shows us how to create a bootstrap web page. This example creates a user-friendly, attractive, and easy web application. It helps to put bootstrap 5 links and the basic syntax of the code.

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