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B.Sc - Bachelor of Science

There are several streams and sub-streams available for which you can go for graduation, including B.A,, and B.Sc. But the selection of the right stream is not fully but somehow depends upon the stream of the last qualification you did. Here, the ideal choice for the students who got their 12th from the science background will be to move with the same background to indulge in-depth knowledge of the subject.

B.Sc - Bachelor of Science

Although there are again various sub-streams available in the field of science and the selection depends upon the personal interest. One can go for either B.Sc, a three-year course, or proceed to the field of engineering.

In this article, we are going to discuss a detailed look at the three-year graduation degree B.Sc. We will also see the various sub-streams available under this degree, its eligibility criteria, colleges, and many more.

What Is B.Sc?

The (B.Sc) Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate program offered by universities and colleges worldwide. This program takes three years to complete and saves students a year or two over other professional degrees. In B.Sc, strong emphasis is made on the research and development aspect of the subject.

Chemistry, physics, mathematics, zoology, biology, statistics, and home science are among a few traditional BSc courses. While Agriculture, genetics, aquaculture, animation, biochemistry, bioinformatics, fashion technology, physiotherapy, psychology, computer science, electronics, multimedia, and many more areas are included in the professional BSc. Programs. One can choose out the best suitable one for a better future.

Why B.Sc?

Why do they want to go for this course? It's the very first question that every student must ask from self. Once a student understands why they want to pursue a B.Sc., the rest is simple. Students in the 12th grade, on the other hand, are not supposed to get the answer right immediately. So, let's look at a few of its benefits, considering which a student can go for the right choice.

  1. Career Options: B.Sc. has been regarded as the finest degree to pursue for a long time. Suppose you wanted a broad range of career opportunities in the future. You have the option to pursue a career in any subject that interests you, from technological professionals to natural science B.Sc. students have more job choices than students in any other program.
  2. A well-known profession: In the community, many scientific occupations are admired and cherished. Engineers and doctors seem to be the most common examples. These professions are well-regarded, and physicians and engineers from India are in high demand in Western industrialized Asian nations.
  3. Potential Earning: Sciences graduates may expect to secure a better life. They are among the highest-paid professions, with extra benefits and several chances for growth and development. One of the main reasons why many students pick B.Sc. over other degrees is because of this.
  4. Options for higher study: Student Graduates from the B.Sc. program can even continue their education. Many students go to pursue master's degrees, postgraduate programs, and doctorates. The higher study further significantly improves their knowledge, therefore improving their earning capacity and job prospects.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you consider yourself to pursue a B.Sc., you must first determine whether you are eligible to seek this field of study or not. So, here are a few requirements that you must meet.

  1. A student must be passed with a Science from a recognized educational board at the 12th-grade level.
  2. Students who passed 12th standard from other disciplines, such as Commerce and Arts, may also switch. However, it is up to the university and institution to approve the changes and admit the student.

Most Trending B.Sc. Courses

Let's take a look at a few of the trending courses one can consider.

Index Courses Duration(Years)
1 Bachelor of Science (Computer science) 3
2 Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) 3
3 Bachelor of Science (Physics) 3
4 Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) 3
5 Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) 3
6 Bachelor Of Science (Data Science) 3
7 Bachelor Of Science {Hons.} (Botany) 3
8 Bachelor OF Science (Biochemistry) 3
9 Bachelor of Science (Economics) 3
10 Bachelor Of Science (Geology) 3

Entrance Exams for B.Sc.

Several universities and colleges are available in India that administers their entrance exams for different disciplines in B.Sc. Based on the marks obtained, they are allocated the subject. So let's have a look at a few but major ones out of them.

  1. OUAT Entrance Exam: Odhisa University of Agriculture and Technology or OUTA conducts their exam for admission in the B.Sc. program for agriculture, horticulture, home science and forestry.
  2. PUBDET: WBJEE organizes the Presidency University Bachelor's Degree Entrance Test (PUBDET) to select students for admission to the B.Sc. program.
  3. CUCET: The Central Universities Combined Entrance Test is an all-India test for admissions to different integrated undergraduate Programs at many Central and State Universities across India.
  4. ICAR AIEEA: On behalf of ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research), NTA administers the ICAR AIEEA for admission to B. Tech, BSc, and MTech programs at Central and State Agricultural Universities. Admissions to agriculture and technological courses under the ICAR will entirely depend on candidates' performance in the ICAR AIEEA Scores.

B.Sc. Course Fees in India

The fee of studying for a B.Sc. in India is dependent on a variety of factors. It will vary from one college to another, from one university to university. A fee structure will vary between a government-aided institution and a private college. According to recent research, B.Sc. costs range from INR 30,000 to INR 4 lakhs. Here are some average statistics to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of costs.

Job Opportunities after B.Sc.

Successful completion of the B.Sc. program opens up a significant amount of job opportunities for the student. One can explore the field of its interest and can gain wealth and prosperity. Here are a few jobs one can have after B.Sc., but fully depending upon the selection of the discipline in B.Sc.

  1. Scientist: This is an excellent job option as India is establishing itself as an innovation centre. We'll need scientists for this. In India, scientists are well respected by the other people of the community and can have a better lifestyle.
  2. Doctor: This is among the most wanted professional choices, especially in India. It is possibly the most valued occupation. A doctor can make a lot of money and have an improved lifestyle while treating the common people.
  3. Engineer: Most candidates who pursue a B.Sc. with PCM disciplines go into engineering. Based on this program, being an engineer will take you 3-5 years to complete. And one should most go for this program because engineering students have a lot of opportunities ahead.

B.Sc. Top Recruiters in India

As previously discussed, for B.Sc. graduates, it does not take much time to get a job. They are in high demand in the well-known companies in India. Many companies look for B.Sc. graduates, particularly as they hire them as a fresher at a decent package. Let's take a look at some of these recruiters.

  1. Infosys( Operation Executive Role)
  2. Cipla
  3. IBM
  4. Britannia Industries
  5. HDFC Bank
  6. Aditya Birla Group

Options after B.Sc.

The option of further study for any undergraduate students always remains open. They can either go for a job or further study for a master's degree in the subject of their interest. PhDs are pursued by those who aspire to be scientists, and for this, one must be first done with their postgraduate. However, graduate students from B.Sc. becomes eligible to appear in almost all government job vacancies.


Students with a Bachelor of Science degree have a wide range of academic options and the ability to enter the workforce or continue post-graduate studies after graduation. Students must choose the academic areas they are interested in and then enroll in a program that best prepares them for their future pursuits.

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