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What is the full form of BTC?

BTC: Bodo Territorial Council

BTC stands for Bodo Territorial Council. It is an autonomous district council for the Bodoland Territorial Region in India. It was created in February 2003. There are 40 elected members in BTC besides this it also has 6 additional members that are appointed by the Governor of Assam.

BTC was established as per the Amended Sixth Schedule of Indian Constitution after a Memorandum of Settlement was signed between Govt. of India, Govt. of Assam and Bodo Liberation Tigers. It was created for the development of the BTC area and to preserve the land-rights and identity of the Bodos. It comprises four districts that include Kokrajhar, Udalguri, Baksa and Chirang. These districts are carved out of seven other districts.

BTC Full Form

The area that comes under the jurisdiction of BTC is known as Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). The main source of livelihood for the people of this region is agro-based business. Big industry and other job opportunities are very rare in this region.

The head of the BTC is a Speaker and the head of its executive committee is Chief Executive Member. The tenure of the last council was completed on 27 April 2020. The elections for the new council were postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic and during this pandemic, it is under the Governor's rule until a new council is elected through elections.

Power of BTC:

  • It has complete control over the officers and staff that work in the BTC area and can transfer them from one location to another location in the BTC area.
  • It has the power to make appointments for the work profiles under its jurisdiction as per the rules of Govt. of Assam.
  • Its executive functions are exercised through its Principal Secretary who is an officer of the rank equivalent to that of Secretary to Govt. of Assam.
  • It also has executive, administrative and financial powers related to the subjects that are transferred to it such as Agriculture, Soil Conservation, Dairy Development, etc.

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