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What is the full form of CAD

CAD: Computer Aided Design

CAD is software used by the engineers, architects, artists, drafters to make technical illustration in two-dimensional (2D) and in three-dimensional (3D). It is a combination of hardware and software that makes engineer to design everything. It provides the facility to view a design from any angle and to zoom in or out for a closure or a distant look respectively. Moreover, when a designer makes a change in the design, all the values depending on that change, changes automatically according to that.

Earlier until mid 1980s, CAD systems were differently constructed computers but now you can purchase CAD software an can run on your personnel desktop.

CAD full form

Required Tools

  • High quality graphics monitor
  • Digitizing tablet
  • Light pen
  • Mouse
  • Special printer or plotter.

Usage of CAD

  • To design the layout of physical components of manufactured products using 2D or 3D.
  • Used in designing of space vehicles, aircrafts, missiles and satellites.
  • Architectures use CAD for the building purposes. They use 2D for the floor plans and 3d for the schematics of houses.
  • Used in designing of auto components such as tires, engines, etc.
  • Used in cartography to design climate, road and topographic maps.
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