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Can Artificial Intelligence replace Human Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a modern approach, is a new science-making machine that helps machines learn on their own with human-like intelligence through a combination of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science algorithms.

Technologies like Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Robotics Processing, Cognitive Services, Mixed Reality (AR/VR) etc. make machines more intelligent. As a result, machine systems make decisions the same way we do in our daily lives. This machine decision making system is fueling debates like Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence!

To give you a good perspective about this hotly debated, we will today discuss the advantages of artificial intelligence, importance of human intelligence and risks of artificial intelligence to humans and their daily lives.

Movies like Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator, Will Smith's Eye of the Smith, Robot, Tom Cruise's Cruise Oblivion, and Age of Tomorrow teach us that sooner or later there will be an increased dependence on people. human intelligence.

The West, especially Hollywood, looks to machines to think and act like humans for the facts of the real world. Robots, bots, humanoids, digital humans, star children, etc. are examples of movies and YouTube clips that coordinate our appearance in many ways.

Now, most of you know that this is no longer fiction. It's a reality now! Do you know Sofia?

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong. Sofia can do everything that you do in your life. Plus, she can answer any questions you may have.

"As a robot, Sofia is now an official citizen of Dubai."

You can watch his interview from his first public appearance in March 2016, Texas, USA!

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Human Intelligence (AI vs. HI)

Today, many AI-powered applications have faster execution speeds, higher operational efficiencies, better work efficiency and better decision-making accuracy than humans.

We know that human intelligence stems from adaptive learning and personal experience; It does not depend on pre-fed data. But AI requires pre-fed data!

It is true that for the hardware and software of a machine, or a robot, our human memory, brain computing power, and body composition as a whole seem insignificant.

The only reason we see these advanced machines, systems and robots as aliens and instinctively fear them is the same as we are afraid of lions in the jungle. This alien thought in our mind destroys our God-given human intelligence and allows the machines to dominate us!

What we have been getting from Hollywood movies like Terminator is that in human intelligence versus artificial intelligence, AI is more likely to dominate us.

But, as an industry expert, we would say that our brains are more complex, sophisticated and deeper layers that machines can't beat anytime soon, at least not for the next 35 years!

Will Machines Replace Humans?

Let's go back to the Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence debate. Recent AI achievements closely mimic human intelligence but cannot go beyond the human brain.

Our mind acquires knowledge by sense of understanding, reasoning, learning, reasoning and experience. The way we feel everything, most importantly, emotions, separates us from digital machines, robotics, AI technologies and much more.

Your mind and heart make the importance of human intelligence above AI.

However, with the development of AI, the risks of artificial intelligence are increasing as we cannot use our brains and hearts to their full potential.

Although machines mimic human behavior, the ability to make rational decisions is still lacking. Machines need the next level of development where they have to process 'common sense'.

This development will take years because common sense varies per human! This means that AI systems do not understand "cause" and "effect". While we humans do everything on the basis of cause and effect, our decisions benefit certain sections of human society.

Yes, AI has made our work easier, but there have been many failures, such as;

  • Uber Self Driving Car Kills A Pedestrian
  • IBM'sIBM's Watson supercomputer is described as unsafe and wrong in treating cancer.
  • The AI-enabled facial recognition system is biased towards colored skin tones by identifying innocent people as criminals.

All these disasters ask us to improve the capability of AI by improving AI technology with proper algorithms and data. Otherwise, AI will no longer co-exist with our morals, ethics and competence.

"We have many types of human intelligence, such as morality, ethics, abilities, intuition, instinct, reflex, accuracy, precision, timing, quality judgment, sense of understanding, reasoning, learning, reasoning, and experience, emotions, and much more. "

Human Intelligence Is Infinite

If AI is to become the equivalent of HI, it must know advanced techniques to process different types of human intelligence. For this AI uses its subset - Deep Learning (DL).

DL works on the concept of the human reflex and nervous system, a neural network similar to the brain. Machines and robots are being taught to apply intelligence and knowledge to real-world scenarios.

As learning progresses, machines will start adopting humanity, and one day AI will find a way to match the frequency of our brains.

Artificial intelligence Human intelligence
Created by human intelligence Created by divine intelligence
Process information faster Process information slower
Highly objective May be subjective
More accurate Maybe less accurate
It Uses 2 watts It Uses 25 watts
Cannot adapt to changes well Can easily adapt to changes well
Cannot multitask that well Can easily multitask
Optimization Innovation
Below average social skill Excellent social skills
Still working toward self-awareness Good self-awareness

Will AI Take Over Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. Take the latest example of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic;

There are some custom software development solutions companies in the United States that are using their AI development services to predict viruses in the human body, find vaccine combinations, help people with virus treatments, and much more.

A health worker is responsible for all these things; However, AI is helping as it can act faster and assist humans faster. If AI learns to do better, job losses due to AI will increase.

AI and robotics are replacing accounting, banking, sales; Thus, rising unemployment increases significantly. The impact of Artificial Intelligence on AI will lead to massive job losses in every field!

"According to data and reports on the Internet, 47% of American jobs are at high risk by the mid-2030s due to automation."

Although it is said that AI and automation will replace jobs, the World Economic Forum says that the benefits of artificial intelligence will double the job generation by the end of 2022!

AI Takeover: Can Machines Replace Humans?

Coming to the debate of Artificial Intelligence vs. Human intelligence, recent AI achievements more closely mimic human intelligence than previously thought. However, machines are still far ahead of the human brain. What sets us apart is man's ability to reason, reason, understand, learn and apply knowledge acquired with a sense of experience. With knowledge comes power, and with power comes great responsibility.

Although machines can imitate human behavior to some degree, their knowledge of rational decision-making like ours may be attenuated. AI-powered machines make decisions based on events and their association with them. However, they lack "common sense". AI systems are clueless in understanding "cause" and "effect". Meanwhile, real-world scenarios require a holistic human approach.


AI is currently in its development stage, and human controls AI with all necessary security measures. But, we can't tell you the future?

The 21st century is passing through a period of rapid change. While AI is making our lives easier, AI is learning more about humans and their skills.

Human and computer workforce processing together, working efficiently and accurately for the benefit of mankind appears to be a good artificial intelligence future.

But, whether this will be possible or not, it is not known yet!

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