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Captain Movie Review

"Captain" is a science fiction movie written by "Shakti Soundar Rajan". The original language of this film is Tamil. The leading role in this movie is played by "Arya," who is "Captain in the Army," and his name in the movie is "Vijay Kumar."

  • The release date of this movie was 08th September 2022.
  • This movie's main actors and actresses are Arya, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Simran, Harish Uthaman, Kavya Shetty, and other crew members.
  • The music director of this movie is D. Imman.
  • The cinematographer for this movie is S. Yuva.
  • The main editor of this movie is Pradeep E. Ragav.
Captain Movie Review

Some Words About Writer and Director

As we know, the director and writer of the movie "Captain" is "Shakti Soundar Rajan." He was born on the 10th of March 1982 in Karur, Tamil Nadu (India). Rajan worked as an assistant director to Venkat Prabhu; the first movie under his direction was released in 2010 and was "Naanayam," after this, he directed many movies in different expect, like sci-fi, live-action movie, and space. Now he has released a good movie named "Captain."

Reasons to Watch Movie

We have acknowledged Aryan as an actor in other movies, as his acting is quite good; the actor also shows good acting in this film, "Captain." The transformation of the actor in this movie is amazing, and the role of Captain is suitable for the actor Aryan; he showed this by performing great in stunts and action sequels. As Aryan is the movie's main focus, he is in almost every frame and does justice. The creators of this movie deserve to applaud for trying this science fiction movie in Indian cinema; their vision is quite big because the movie's storyline is out of the traditional point of view. Actress Simran plays the role of Scientist and is also suitable for this role; Harish Uthaman, Kavya Shetty, and other actors and actresses also played their roles in the movie with impressive acting.

Some Drawbacks

As an audience, we have seen many movies with the same concept in the Hollywood film industry. The outcome is obvious if we compare this movie with the movies like Predator and other alien movies. The director needs to correct some things in bringing up an engaging narrative; instead, we only get to see a straight movie and an old storyline that everyone can predict; there are not any scenes that raise excitement and curiosity; all are old-school tricks. On the other hand, if we do not compare this movie with other movies, the presentation of the movies seems horrible.

VFX plays a critical role in the uprise of a movie based on space and science, but the sad reality is that the VFX of the movie Captain is downgraded compared to other movies (though it depends upon the movie's budget). The appearance of the alien in the movie is insignificant as the VFX of the movie is not good; about the climax of the story, we should not talk about that part.

Aishwarya Lakshmi plays the female lead role in the movie, but there was hardly any importance of the female role in this movie; her role does not seem to have any importance for the selected plot point; the viewers will think that it was only added to increase the screen time the movie. The observer or watcher can observe the frequent use of some scenes, although the scenes were somewhat decent.

The movie's duration is around two hours, but one may find it difficult to watch as we know what will happen in the next scene; this is the time to show the mastery and skills of the makers, but the reality is in front of us.

Technical Point of View

As Imman provided the background music, the music was good (as the sound effect required to be in an alien movie) and pulse-pounding; he tried his best to save the film. The cinematography effect is used just fine; the production value is below par, and the editing team should have cut down the extra scenes from the movie. The plot point looked good on paper, but the director Soundar Rajan needed to make that look on the big screen. The director and writer of the movie have to take caution when they direct and write a movie inspired by Hollywood blockbusters; they should meet the standard of that type of movie or at least give decent content.


The movie Captain is a low-budget movie. The actors and actresses did a great job in the movie; the movie has standard graphics and VFX but lacks exciting elements and doesn't meet expectations.

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