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CBI 5 Review

A group of I.P.S. freshmen participate in an interactive session with C.B.I. officer Balagopal (Renji Panicker), and recounts the tale of one of the most challenging murder investigations of his career.

The C.B.I. team led by Sethurama Iyer (Mammootty) looked into the murders, which were dubbed the "basket killings" series. C.B.I. 5: The Brain's main plot is around how Iyer and his colleagues cracked the case and revealed the truth.

CBI 5 Review

Script and Direction

The movie's premise is a smartly written whodunit, in which the focus is solidly on the story rather than the glamour.

K Madhu and SN Swamy, the renowned writer-director duo, managed to retain the spirit of the four previous C.B.I. movies while crafting the fifth installment. The first half was well laid out and set the scene for the second half, which held people's attention.

There were times when the storytelling started to falter, but the plot soon regained its footing. The creators utilized the nostalgic elements of the series to their fullest in order to make it a memorable experience for the fans. However, the rather lackluster conclusion left viewers wanting more after all the build-ups. Although the movie is mainly a standard whodunit, the main emphasis was put on the story instead of the glamour.

The climax twist may have been interesting, but it could have been shown in a more convincing way. Some characters presented early in the movie need to be given closure, creating many unanswered questions. Additionally, the selection of certain actresses needs to be more logical.


As always, Mammootty portrays Sethurama Iyer in a regal manner. The megastar once again demonstrates his consistency as an actor by nearly perfecting Sethurama Iyer's mannerisms and body language. When Iyer makes an appearance on television for the seventh time, he still exudes the same old aura with his distinctive walking gait and use of Tamil Brahmin slang in speech.

When Jagathy Sreekumar makes a noteworthy appearance, he is given a fitting tribute. Vikram, a character in the story, is crucial to the plot and is not only included for the nostalgia element. As the senior police officer Sathyadas, who is completely crooked, Saikumar excels once more.

Technical Elements

According to D.O.P. Akhil George, the film's decent visualization is a success. C.B.I. 5: The Brain is made to be interesting to watch by A Sreekar Prasad's editing. A special thanks goes out to the production design team for their outstanding work.

C.B.I. 5: The Brain's soundtrack, however, ends up becoming its lifeblood. Jakes Bejoy wrote it. Along with the excellent original composition, the renowned C.B.I. theme music is reconstructed as accurately as feasible.


A wonderful experience that moviegoers frequently share with their fellow spectators as they leave the theater is that of satiating their inner investigator while seeing a film. The C.B.I. series prevents you from drawing your own straightforward conclusions while viewing it by obscuring the true criminals in its plots with a web of untruths, unfounded accusations, and more. The fifth installment in the franchise, C.B.I. 5, is also similar to the previous four and unquestionably a worthy successor.

C.B.I. agents Balu (Renji Panicker) and Sharath (Ramesh Pisharody) recall a case that stumped them until the truth was eventually discovered in a session for freshly trained I.P.S. officers in the distinctive C.B.I. fashion. The case comprised a string of homicides that the media termed "basket killings," and it was pushed upon the agency.

The case is picked up by Sethurama Iyer (Mammootty), who relentlessly pursues every lead, memory fragment, and careless speech in an effort to identify the true criminal.

CBI 5 Review

If you pay close attention, you can avoid missing some of this tale since the movie revolves around a number of killings. There are numerous suspects, and you can start to question everyone else on the screen as a result of their identities, motivations, and even randomly chosen hook lines from other situations.

However, as they point out during the movie's "session," this is a case that also puts the "brainy" Iyer to the test, so it's not one of those predictable scenarios from the movies.

One should be equally engaged when new scenarios and suspects arise, just as the detectives. Furthermore, if you find that interesting as a viewer, the events may be exciting for you; otherwise, they may become a little perplexing. The cops are still putting the puzzles together during the first intermission, so one's mind might start to fill with a lot of data, analysis, and other things.

Until Mr. Iyer eventually reveals the key hint, the second half of the movie succeeds in keeping us on the edge of our seats and sufficiently engaged.

The role is a piece of cake for Mammootty, whose mannerisms as Iyer are once again refined. Jagathi Sreekumar fans also enjoy a few wonderful and significant scenes on the big screen thanks to his Vikram persona. Despite the many difficulties they would have had given the actor's current state of health, the crew deserves praise for including his character in the narrative.

As the investigating team achieves each of their goals, the beloved series' background music once more gives the narrative power.

Early on in the narrative, several fatalities are portrayed, and producers do not attempt to disguise the haunting details. Caution should be taken if this subject matter is sensitive to certain viewers. Featuring stunning performances and unexpected plot turns, this movie is a real joy to the series' fans and mystery aficionados. To obtain the full experience, steer clear of spoilers!


At the outset of the story, a C.B.I. agent attends a class for a fresh batch of I.P.S. officers. The C.B.I. officer made the decision to provide the description of a case that left them confused as an illustration of the unforeseen events that police officers may run across.

He goes into great detail regarding the case and explains the circumstances surrounding the basket deaths. In this instance, several people were murdered, yet the deaths were classified as natural causes. In addition to using it as a case study to learn more about their futures, the students listened with rapt attention.

CBI 5 Review

Why Did D.Y.S.P. Sathyadas Help The C.B.I.?

The "Basket Killings" case was incredibly mysterious to the Kerala Police and the C.B.I. First to pass away was Minister Samad, followed by his physician Dr. Venu, a freelance writer named Bhasuran, Josemon, and a sand contractor named Sam. Following his demise, autopsy results had determined that Minister Samad had died naturally of a heart attack.

However, Bhasuran had raised questions about the death and thought foul play could have occurred. After the doctor and Bhasuran passed away, the media began to focus on the matter and voice their skepticism. With Josemon's death, the last straw had been served. D.Y.S.P. is in charge of the Keralan police.

Sathyadas made the decision to investigate a report on sand contractor Sam because they already had a lot on their plate. Sathyadas said that Sam was the reason of Josemon's demise. He ensured that Sam was given all the responsibility, however, in order to protect his friend Subhash, a separate sand contractor.

CBI 5 Review

In addition to being a corrupt official, Sathyadas dealt with bribes on a regular basis. He loathed the C.B.I. and hated how they had taken over all their intriguing cases. When he turned over Josemon's case to the C.B.I., he just offered them minuscule facts about the evidence that had gone.

Sathyadas' wife and attorney, Pratibha, was the one who sent the matter to the C.B.I. Sathyadas stole the evidence after getting irritated, then became insistent about refusing to assist the C.B.I.

The C.B.I. discovered the actual reason for Pratibha's choice. She insisted vehemently that they should lose the lawsuit and wished for them to be unsuccessful. Her liaison with Sam also had a role in this decision. A major dispute would break out at home if her husband, Sathyadas, learned about the affair. Due to her turning over the case to the C.B.I., they had already had a falling out.

They suspected her of murdering Josemon after the C.B.I. learned about her relationship with Sam. Due to the fact that Pratibha was not there when the incident occurred, she refuted it with evidence.

She nonetheless desired for the C.B.I. to lose despite the fact that her relationship had come to light. As soon as Sathyadas learned about the situation, he understood that the C.B.I. had made no recent progress in the investigation. He told them to keep investigating into Sam's sketchy guesthouse, which was near to the scene of Josemon's murder. He had a change of heart and offered Sethu the guidance required for the achievement.

I. G. Unnithan Got Caught, But Why?

After Sethu and his squad captured Paul Meyjo, who used several names, things started to get worse for Unnithan. All of the killings involved Meyjo. He was wearing a pen drive around his neck, which was groundbreaking evidence. Meyjo had so excellent alibis that they were forced to release him the first time they captured him.

They located the scrap of paper Meyjo had left behind and made a connection between it and the two passengers who had missed the plane Minister Samad was traveling on when he passed away. They realized Susan George, one of the passengers, was the target of Meyjo's hired murder.

Despite the fact that Meyjo misused his intelligence, he was a genius. He created software that allowed people to stop their hearts while making it appear as though they had died naturally by breaking into pacemakers. While pursuing Susan, he set about completing his task.

Dr. Venu had implanted a pacemaker in her, and he had already begun to hack into it. It was difficult for him to flee, though, since the C.B.I. caught him in the act when they arrived at the right time. The explanation for Susan's murder was ultimately revealed to them. The C.B.I. had no idea who the perpetrator was or what their purpose was before this.

The mastermind was revealed to them when Susan spoke, but they were unable to link him to Paul Meyjo despite understanding the motivation and knowing who he was.

What Was The Reason Behind Unnithan's Murders In C.B.I. 5 ?

What was the motivation behind Unnithan's killings in C.B.I. 5: The Brain? This is the explanation of the conclusion.I.G. Unnithan, Susan's ex-husband, was paranoid and had schizophrenia, so after their divorce he hired a contract assassin to kill her.

He had a lot of mistrust for her and often questioned her allegiance in his deranged mind. Because of his own paranoia, he became obsessed with torturing and harassing her, and after they were divorced, he wanted to murder her. He got in touch with Sam, his sand supplier, and got to know Paul Meyjo that way. He had claimed to be unaware of Paul Meyjo.

To ensure he didn't miss his aim again, he tore a piece of paper and handed it to Meyjo, but this proved his undoing.

CBI 5 Review

However, he had kept Susan a secret from Paul, which resulted in Minister Samad's death despite the fact that he also had a pacemaker put in by Dr. Venu. They were dealt with because the others were too near to the truth.

I.G. Unnithan had developed a sense of overconfidence in his ability to maintain his trails. His collapse came from this arrogance. As a result of his assistance to the C.B.I., he felt certain that he would not be implicated in the case. He believed that substantial proof needed to be more important. Therefore, he neglected to care for it.

Freud asserted that this conduct is a result of his shame about his illegal activity. He was elated that the C.B.I. or the police were unable to connect the deaths to him since he had the propensity to boast. He had been working toward getting caught in some nefarious way.

He didn't intend to kill his wife; he just wanted to, and he was certain that no one would be able to connect the dots to link him to the crime. His conscience began to suffer because of the killings, and his subconscious cried out for assistance. Unaware of it, he was urging the C.B.I. toward his trail the entire while he was assisting them and pleading for assistance. Criminal psychology views this conduct as a plea for assistance and interprets it as the result of unresolved mental problems and a guilty conscience that lead to more criminal activity.

Before being caught, some criminals have been known to boast about their murders and thefts out of a sense of irrational guilt. Like I.G. Unnithan, Susan's identity was revealed to Meyjo using a ripped page from the newspaper that I.G. Unnithan had neglected to save.


If you've seen the entire C.B.I. series, you're going to be really dissatisfied with it. The writing and the way the story is exhibited is very monotonous. As a matter of fact, viewers will feel like the series is slow and dragging just a few minutes. The ending is somewhat predictable but still passable.

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