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What is the Full Form of CDM

CDM: Cash Deposit Machine

CDM stands for Cash Deposit Machine. The Cash Deposit Machine is a machine similar to the ATM Machine, which lets you deposit money into the account directly using either the bank account number, ATM Card or Debit Card. CDM is a self-service terminal where one can conduct cash-based payments and deposits. One can use this machine to quickly credit their account without going to the bank. The recent or current bank balance is also provided on the transaction receipt. One of the Cash Deposit Machine's most impressive advantages is instant money credit into respective bank accounts, available every day of the week at any time.

CDM Full Form

One can locate standalone CDMs or access an ATM-cum-cash deposit machine nearby by using Google maps or Official Bank websites. The account is immediately credited after the deposited amount is counted and collected in a machine slot.

How does a Cash Deposit Machine work?

It's simple to use a cash deposit machine. Just the bank account number or debit card is required. To complete a transaction, one can swipe the debit card at some Cash Deposit Machines while manually entering the bank account number at others.

Before depositing the cash, the machine asks for confirmation after the user has entered the account number and amount. The Debit Card PIN will also be required for final confirmation.

One must next select the account they like to deposit the funds into after choosing the "deposits" option. The transaction will be successful after the user enters or puts the amount in the deposit slot and confirms it. Customers will receive a confirmation slip that the transaction has been completed with the recently performed actions.

Depositing Cash in a CDM Machine using different Approaches

How to deposit cash using a debit card in CDM?

  • One must first place the debit card (ATM cum Debit Card) into the terminal in the same manner that they would do when withdrawing cash with their debit card.
  • Once the card has been inserted, the user will be instructed to provide the necessary information. The user must enter the PIN, choose the account type, and select the 'Deposit Money' option by following the on-screen instructions.
  • The machine will then ask the user to input the amount he wants to deposit into the account after entering the right information.
  • The user must also confirm the amount on the machine after inputting it. The user will get a confirmation slip after completing the procedure, confirming that the transaction was successful.

How do you deposit money if you don't have a debit card? Luckily, it is also possible.

How to deposit cash without a card in CDM?

However, even if someone does not have a debit card, they can still make a deposit in their account. In this case, the user must follow the below steps:

  • Users must look for and choose the "deposit without card" option on the CDM. Users will be prompted to input their bank account number and some other details after choosing that option.
  • Users must enter the amount they want to deposit after entering their bank account number.
  • In the next step, the amount entered should be confirmed.
  • The user must put the cash in the deposit slot and allow the machine to accept it, as this transaction is made without a debit card. The money denominations received are shown on the monitor as soon as the cash is inserted into the machine.
  • A confirmation slip for successful transaction completion will be given.

Remember that one can also use this process to transfer money between other registered accounts. He may carry out the same procedures as one would do if one lacked a debit card. However, one must know the account numbers to which they want to transfer the funds.

Benefits of using CDM Machine

Similar to ATMs, you may find the closest cash deposit machines by using the bank's website, a mobile device, or internet banking. Cash deposits made through CDM allow an individual to avail himself of the following functions:

  • Save time by avoiding the bank's lengthy lines.
  • Skip filling out the deposit slip.
  • Don't need to worry about separating the denominations.
  • Instantly receive credit in their bank account.
  • As proof of the cash deposit, they receive the transaction receipt.
  • Simple and fast cash deposit method.
  • Paperless transaction.

Do's and Don'ts while using CDMs


  • Make the transactions privately. Be cautious of strangers attempting to strike up a conversation or suspicious movements of persons near CDM.
  • While inputting the PIN, cover it with the hand or other body part.
  • Before inserting currency into the machine, remove any stapler pins that may be present.
  • If the notes are rejected, take the money out of the machine.
  • Make sure to deposit the money within the limits set forth for the account type.
  • Make sure to only deposit not more than the specified number of notes in a single transaction.
  • Report to the bank immediately if the currency is not dispensed or the deposit is not made into the account.
  • When ready to exit the CDM, hit the "Cancel" key and wait for the welcome page to appear. Don't forget to bring the card, cash, and transaction slip.
  • Register the contact number or email address with the bank to receive alerts for CDM transactions.


  • Don't take any assistance from a stranger when depositing cash. Never share your card with someone else.
  • The PIN should not be written on the card or shared with anybody.
  • Do not proceed with the transaction if you notice any strange devices or appendages attached to the CDM.
  • Never allow anyone to see inside the CDM while you are making transactions.
  • Never insert the cash with rubber bands or stapler pins into the cash slot.

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