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What is the full form of CFO

CFO: Chief Financial Officer

CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer. It is the designation of a senior finance manager in a company who monitors and manages all financial activities in a company. He is the head of finance and accounting department and is responsible for financial and risk management operations of the company.

Generally, rich experience in finance or related fields along with an education background in finance, business or similar field is required to become a CFO.

CFO full form

CFO reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and board of directors. A finance manager must have a management degree or strong accounting background to be promoted to the position of CFO.

Some of the key responsibilities of a CFO:

  • Plan and execute the financial strategy of the company
  • Verifying the financial statements
  • Overseeing the capital structure and financial operations
  • Financial reporting to CEO
  • Planning financial and tax strategies
  • Reporting financial information to the board of directors
  • Managing accounting, legal, tax, investor relations and treasury departments
  • Analyze the financial strengths and weaknesses of company and suggest corrective actions accordingly.
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