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Change of Voice

6) All the exams were passed by Alex.

  1. Alex passed all the exams.
  2. Alex was passed all the exams.
  3. Alex had passed all the exams.
  4. Alex has passed all the exams.

Answer: A

7) The Chairman has made a new rule.

  1. A new rule was made by the chairman.
  2. A new rule has been made by the chairman.
  3. A new rule had been made by the chairman.
  4. A new rule made by the chairman.

Answer: B

8) My clothes have been ironed.

  1. Someone ironed my clothes.
  2. Someone was ironed my clothes.
  3. He ironed my clothes.
  4. Someone has ironed my clothes.

Answer: D

9) Hundreds of students were rescued by the Army.

  1. The army had rescued hundreds of students.
  2. The army has rescued hundreds of students.
  3. The army rescued hundreds of students.
  4. The army has been rescuing hundreds of students.

Answer: C

10) The ranking was dropped by the ICC.

  1. The ICC has dropped the ranking.
  2. The ICC drops the ranking.
  3. The ICC had dropped the ranking.
  4. The ICC dropped the ranking.

Answer: D

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