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Change of Voice

26) Improve your driving skills.

  1. You should improve your driving skills.
  2. Your driving skills should be improved.
  3. You improve your driving skills.
  4. Driving skills of yours should be improved.

Answer: B

27) The boy should not have hit the puppy.

  1. The puppy has not been hit by the boy.
  2. The puppy should not be hit by the boy.
  3. Hitting the puppy should not be done by the boy.
  4. The puppy should not have been hit by the boy.

Answer: D

28) Teachers bless him for his kindness.

  1. He is blessed for his kindness by teachers.
  2. He has been blessed for his kindness by teachers.
  3. He for his kindness is blessed by teachers.
  4. He for his kindness has been blessed by teachers.

Answer: A

29) They had not completed their projects.

  1. Their projects had been not completed.
  2. Their projects have not been done.
  3. Their projects had not been completed.
  4. Their projects have been not done.

Answer: C

30) She will clear the entrance exam.

  1. The entrance exam would be cleared by her.
  2. The entrance exam will clear by her.
  3. The entrance exam will cleared by her.
  4. The entrance exam will be cleared by her.

Answer: D

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