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Circles in SolidWorks

To use the circle tools:

  • Drawing tab: To choose circle tools from the Circle Tool Perimeter Circle Sketch: gif flytout tool, click the Sketch Command Manager button.
  • Menu: To choose circular tools, select Tools > Sketch Entities.
  • Property Manager in a circle: Use several circle tools by using Circle Property Manager.

Drawing Circles

To draw a circle:

  1. Circle Tool Circles in SolidWorks
  2. Place the circle's center by clicking.
    Circles in SolidWorks
  3. Click and drag to adjust the radius.
    Circles in SolidWorks
  4. Click Circles in SolidWorks

Drawing Circles with Perimeters

To draw a circle with a perimeter:

  1. the Perimeter Circle button
  2. Place the perimeter by Circles in SolidWorks
  3. To draw the circle, drag left or right.
  4. Set the circle with a right-click on mouse.
    Circles in SolidWorks
    Circles in SolidWorks
  5. Click Circles in SolidWorks.

Dragging Circles to Change Them

To drag and change a circle in an open sketch:

  • Drag the edge away from the center to increase the perimeter.
  • Drag the border of the perimeter towards the center to make it smaller.
  • Drag the circle's center to make it move.

Modifying the properties of a circle

To modify a circle's attributes:

Choose the circle in an open drawing to make changes to its properties in the Circle Property Manager.

Property Manager in a circle

Determines whether a sketched circle is based on its center or its periphery.

For the Circle Property Manager to launch:

Choose a circle in an unlocked drawing.

Current Relationships

Relation: Shows relationships that were either manually or automatically formed using Add Relations throughout the drawing process. A callout is highlighted in the graphics area when a relation is selected in the list.

Information: Indicates the condition of the chosen sketch item (Fully Defined, Under Defined, and so on).

Include Relations

The chosen entity can have relations added to it. Only relationships that are feasible for the chosen entity are included in the list.


It converts the entity to construction geometry for construction.


If the circle is not bound by relations, you can define it using any suitable combination of the following parameters.

Choose Center creation, then input values for

Circles in SolidWorks X Coordinate

Circles in SolidWorks Center Y Coordinate

Circles in SolidWorks Center Z Coordinate

Circles in SolidWorks Radius

Circle Drawing in SolidWorks

SolidWorks has a drawing tool called a circle. The Center Circle and the Perimeter Circle are the two ways to draw circles. Center circle outlines circles with a central axis. Sketches of perimeter-based circles are created by designating three locations. When drawing a circle that passes through three points, this form of circle is utilized, and all three points must be specified.

New Part File Document Opening

Open the Create Part File Document in SolidWorks from your desktop to begin sketching the circle. From the Feature Manager Design Tree, pick any plane. Now, by selecting the Sketch Command Manager from the Sketch menu, you can access the circle tool.

To Draw a Circle Based On the Center

  1. Circle tools may be accessed either the Circle flyout tool or the Menu Bar by selecting Tools>Sketch Entities>Circle.
  2. To position the circle's center, click the Graphics area.
  3. Click and drag to adjust the radius.
  4. Click "Ok" now.

By using the Smart Dimension tool, you may specify the precise dimension.

To Draw a Circle Based On A Perimeter

  1. Perimeter Circle may be accessed by selecting it from the Circle flyout tool or by selecting Tools>Sketch Entities>Perimeter Circle from the menu bar.
  2. To draw a full circle, click on the Graphics area three times. Draw the circle or determine the radius by dragging left or right.
  3. Hit the "OK" button.

Construction Circle Drawing

Use the Circle tool to design a circle to represent a construction circle.

In the Circle Property Manager's options rollout, tick the For-construction box.

To Change a Circle's Performance

By sliding an open drawing circle's edge away from its center point to extend the perimeter and towards the center point to shrink the perimeter, you may make changes to it. Drag the circle's center point and position it where you want it to be.

With the Circle Property Manager, you may modify the circle's properties.

You can draw the following varieties of circles:

Circle type Tool qualities of circles
circle Circles in SolidWorks Sketches of circles with centers.
Perimeter circle Circles in SolidWorks Creates perimeter-based circles using Perimeter Circle.

The most recent circle type was the default for the SOLIDWORKS programmer.

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