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What is the full form of CISF

CISF: Central Industrial Security Force

CISF stands for Central Industrial Security Force. It is a Central Armed Police Force in India which functions under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the government of India. It is the largest industrial security force in the world. It has around 170,000 personnel in its 132 battalions. Its headquarters is in New Delhi, India. As of September 2016, Sh. O.P Singh is the Director General of CISF.

CISF full form

CISF was founded in 1969 under an Act of the Parliament of India. The primary goal of CISF is to provide security to industrial units and critical installations such as atomic power plants, power plants and currency note presses.

CISF also provides consultancy services to various private and government organizations. Its consultancy wing has many renowned clients such as TISCO, Orissa Mining Co.,IB Thermal Power Plant and NBRI.

CISF mainly has three branches: Executive branch, Fire Service branch and Ministerial branch. It is further organized into six sectors. Each sector is headed by Sector Inspector General. These sectors are as follows:

  • Eastern Sector with headquarters at Patna
  • Northern Sector with headquarters at New Delhi
  • Western Sector with headquarters at Mumbai
  • Southern Sector with headquarters at Chennai
  • North Eastern Sector with headquarters at Kolkata
  • Airport Sector with headquarters at New Delhi

Top seven ranks in CISF

  • Director General
  • Additional Director General
  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Assistant Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Deputy Commandant
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