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Java class keyword

A Java class keyword is the most common keyword which is used to declare a new Java class. A class is a container that contains the block of code that includes field, method, constructor, etc.

A class is a template or blueprint from which objects are created. It is a logical entity. It can't be physical.

Points to remember

  • Every object is an instance of a class.
  • A class can contain one or more classes. This concept can be called a nested class.
  • We can assign only public, abstract, strictfp and final modifier to class. However, we can assign other modifiers like private, protected and static to the inner java class.
  • A class name must be unique within a package.
  • We can use a class keyword as Class.class to get a Class object without needing an instance of that class.

Example 1

Let's see a simple example of a class keyword.


Hello World

Example 2

In this example, we declare two classes.


101 John William 25000

Example 3

Let's see an example to declare the private class.


private class is invoked
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