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What is the Full Form of CMC

CMC: Computer Maintenance Corporation

CMC Stands for Computer Maintenance Corporation. Before being sold to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2001, CMC was owned by the Government of India. CMC is no longer a distinct legal person or company.

CMC Full Form

The official name of CMC at the time of its establishment was Computer Management Corporation Private Limited. The organization became a public limited corporation in 1977.

Purposes of CMC

CMC Full Form

Engineering, software, and applications were the focus of CMC. Under the close watch of the government, they worked toward the following goals:

  • Developing and testing an application.
  • Provide solutions for many important system segments.
  • Delivering services and projects to domestic and international markets.
  • Provide consulting services for practically all government information technology initiatives.

Achievements of CMC:

CMC Full Form

CMC has created the infrastructure for urban, suburban, and rural environments. They have reached several significant milestones since they began. The following are some notable achievements:

  • CMC created the first-ever countrywide data network that linked all the main mega cities in 1985 with the INDONET network.
  • They integrated their goods and services into various industries, including coal power, banking, education, and more.
  • CMC has many development centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Over 800 data processing units from International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) and other manufacturers were modified and maintained by CMC.
  • The United Nations Project Interact (International Education and Research for Applications of Computer Technology) was created by CMC. The project's goal is to use technology to change the design and infrastructure of public resources, including railways, power grids, and weather forecasting.
  • CMC created the Integrated Multi-train Passenger Reservation System in 1985 for the Indian Railways (IMPRESS).
  • To address the issues with unreserved tickets, they created the Advanced Railway Ticketing System (ARTS) in 1985.

CMC's Educational Programs:

CMC Full Form

By collaborating and creating software solutions for multiple organizations, CMC has also invested in e-learning. They used a variety of audio-visual mediums to provide material online. With modern technology tools, CMC has specialized teaching and training facilities.

The subsidiary of CMC creates training modules and material that is effective, inexpensive, and customizable. The Center of Education and Training is its official name (CET).

CMC Courses:

CMC Full Form

Following are a few of the well-liked & adaptable courses CMC provided based on the candidates' prior knowledge & goals:

  • Entry-level/awareness classes:

Students with little prior understanding of computer hardware or software registered in these courses.

  • Professional development courses:

These were chosen by students with professional or expert computer experience.

  • Courses that were specialized or sectoral:

These courses might be tailored to provide students with a focus on a particular subject.

  • Customer-requested courses:

These courses were carefully selected to satisfy the requirements of each company. Therefore, several modules might be combined to create an entirely new course.

  • Vendor-certified courses:

These courses were created to help students pass the entry-level certification tests for large international hardware and software companies.

  • Career development course:

Essentially a vocational course, this is still the most common choice among college students looking to gain experience in software development while also pursuing their studies.

The Conclusion:

We hope this information about CMC complete form will benefit you.

Questions and Answers Regarding CMC Full Form. The most common questions regarding the full form of CMC:

Questions: What does CMC stand for?

Answers: Computer Maintenance Corporation is the abbreviation for it. Although changing its name to its current one in 1977, it was once known as Computer Management Corporation Private Limited.

2. Questions: What roles did the CMC play?

Answers: CMC served many purposes. As follows:

  • To offer IT support.
  • To create, design, and test computer programs.
  • To provide advice on government IT initiatives.

3. Questions: Which courses did CMC provide?

Answers: CMC offers various courses depending on your demands or computer comfort level. Entry-level courses were available to raise awareness; professional development courses were available for experienced users; specialized courses were available to focus the knowledge pool; customer request courses allowed users to choose the module they wanted to study; and more.

4. Questions: Who creates the CMC training materials?

Answers: CMC's subsidiary CET focuses only on education and training. Creating courses that include computer, internet, and multimedia-based learning falls to CET. They create individualized, effective, and economic education for their customers.

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