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......COBOL - Program Structure

COBOL source program follows an organized way to do the programming. You must follow a modular programming approach, which is a subset of the procedural programming approach.

The COBOL program contains a logical structure, and this is called as structure COBOL programming.

The organization of a COBOL program is hierarchical. It is not necessarily needed for all of the components to be present for the hierarchical relationship to exist.

COBOL Program Structure

A short introduction of these divisions is given below:


It is a block of code, which usually contains one or more sections. It starts where the division name has come crossways, and it ends with the beginning of the next division.


Sections are the logical subdivision of program logic. A section is a collection of paragraphs.


Paragraphs are the subdivision of a division or section. It is a user-defined or predefined name followed by a period, and it consists of zero or more sentences.


These are a combination of one or more statements. Sentences appear only in the Procedure division. It must end with a period.


These are some meaningful COBOL statements that perform some processing.


These are the lowest ones in the hierarchy, and they can't be divided.

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