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Difference between com and in

Choosing a domain extension these days is a bit confusing as it can affect our site traffic. In case if you want to start a blog, you can choose common chrome extensions. If the blog is for an organization, .org works fantastic.

com vs in

All the business websites have the domain commonly .com and .in But there is a difference among them. Let us look at each domain extension in detail.


com vs in

In .com extension, com stands for commercial. It is used for commercial business purposes. Many people believe that com is for computers. But it was created to represent commercial websites. .com domain is the most common among 100 million registered domains.

In addition to .com, there is also a .co domain that represents Columbia. The .co extension is the Country's top-level domain assigned to columbia. However, there are no restrictions on the second level .co domains which are declared as the international domain for a company or a corporation.

Difference between .com and .co

The main difference between .co and .com extension is the .co is more expensive than .com


com vs in

The .in extension is the country code top-level domain of India. In 2005, some changes in the policies, and the .in domain allowed second-level registrations under itself.

Some of them are listed as -

  • - Non profit organisation
  • - For internet service providers
  • - Intended for banks, trademarks, registered companies
  • - For shops, proprietors,etc.
  • - For miscellaneous use

Some of them listed under institutional organisations are -

  • - Registered academic institution
  • - For indian government
  • - For indian research institutes
  • - For educational institutes
  • - For national informatics centre

There is one restriction for the .in such that domain privacy is not allowed.

Differences between .com and .in

Characteristics .com .in
Universal Appeal It is generally used by people. Every second site we open has a .com extension. Although .com has a higher universal appeal than .in, it is trusted for premium high-end business.
Credibility Higher credibility when compared to .in Lower credibility
Privacy Options If you want a site with full privacy protection features, then the .com extension is undoubtedly a better option. Complete privacy protection is not provided in .in extension. Furthermore, it depends on what kind of company we are registering with.
SEO optimization The .com gives better search engine optimisations Fewer optimisation results as compared to .com
Establishment Better establishment than .in Lower establishment results

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