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Complex Sentence Examples

Sentences, like individuals and french fries, come in many forms and sizes. Complex sentences have at least one subordinate (or dependent) clause and can be an excellent method to add depth and diversity to your writing.

Complex Sentence Examples

Independent and Dependent Clauses in Complex Sentences

Compound sentences' friends and relatives are complex sentences. There is only one distinction. Compound sentences are made up of two independent clauses. Complex sentences contain both an independent and a dependent clause.

What Exactly Is an Independent Clause?

An independent clause can function as a sentence on its own. It always results in a complete thought:

Stephanie slurped on her latte .

This is an independent clause since it is a complete sentence with a subject and a verb that expresses an idea completely.

What Exactly Is a Dependent Clause?

Even if it contains a subject and a verb, a subordinate clause, also referred to as a dependent clause, cannot exist alone:

While Stephanie slurped on her latte .

Despite having a subject (Stephanie) and a verb (slurped), this clause is not a complete thought. As a result, it is not a complete statement.

Creating a Complex Sentence

An independent and a dependent clause can be combined to make a complicated sentence in either sequence.

Here's an example of an independent clause that occurs first:

I was irritated with him because I was behind the schedule for work .

Here's an example of a dependent clause that comes first:

Because I was running behind the schedule for work, I was irritated with him .

Complex Sentence Examples

Take Proper Care of Your Commas.

Subordinating conjunctions such as "after," "while," or "since" are used to link independent and dependent clauses. If the dependent clause comes initially, the clauses should be separated by a comma.

Take care with your commas. If you notice a pause or difference from your independent clause, check for a comma. (Can you see what we did there?) It can help to read your writing loudly because then you'll "feel" where a comma should go.

Examples of Common Complex Sentences

Complex sentences are a typical occurrence in daily life. They not only provide flow and variety to talks, but they also keep you from seeming robotic and terse.

  1. Because my latte was too chilly, I warmed it in the pan .
  2. Although he was rich and powerful, he was still displeased .
  3. She retrieved the computer after discovering it had been broken .
  4. Whenever costs go up, consumers buy cheaper goods .
  5. Because I had to take the taxi, and as we were constrained by time, I failed to bring my toothpaste for our trip .
  6. As she was vibrant and enthusiastic, she became a supervisor in no time .
  7. Wherever you go, you can always discover elegance .
  8. Green leaves are a symbol of life because they do not end up dying in the cold season .
  9. Although it was very lengthy, the film was still entertaining .
  10. You should have your vehicle fixed because it is making strange noises .
  11. The performer was glad he got a role in a film even though the part was tiny .
  12. After the storm hit, there was barely anything left standing .
  13. The exhibition was very fascinating, as I expected .
  14. Now that he's wealthy and popular, individuals make entitlements for his quirks .
  15. Even though he's meticulously equipped, he still commits a large number of errors .
  16. Since winter is approaching, I'm going to knit a cozy sweater because I'm feeling cold all the time .
  17. When she was fairly young, she did believe in dreamy tales .
  18. I must keep this voucher in case I arrive back at the shop tomorrow .
  19. Let's return to Café Francais, where we enjoyed our first meeting .
  20. Although my buddies tried to convince me, I decided not to go to the get-together .
  21. As genetic traits evolve over time, transformation progresses .
  22. I really didn't like the film, even though the narrative was great .
  23. When he got a mousse pie slammed in his face, everybody chuckled .
  24. After being far for decades, he still had sentiments for her .
  25. I used an umbrella to come into the house because it was raining .
  26. Despite winning the race, she remained unimpressed .
  27. He replaced the booklet when he learned it was no longer being studied .
  28. Whenever it pours, individuals opt to stay inside their homes .
  29. Since I had to pass the exams and the duration was not in my hand, I didn't end up walking out of the examination room when the test was underway .
  30. Wherever you are, retain the rituals of your holy book .
  31. Although the activity was time-consuming, it was ultimately beneficial .
  32. The Christmas season was intriguing as I had anticipated .
  33. Now that he has earned a degree with a diploma in nursing, he can operate his own hospital .
  34. Even though he has all the building project tools, he does seem to get it correct .
  35. After splurging so much during the holiday season, she had nothing left to pay her school tuition .
  36. You must have your tooth checked because it does not appear to be in good condition .
  37. The educator was delighted he got the chance to attend the religious meet-up even though time was constrained .
  38. After the post-electoral conflict, the nation was left in crisis .
  39. When she was in college, she envisioned becoming a flight engineer .
  40. I have to collaborate on the venture in case I get some spare time later today .
  41. Let's return to the house because it provides us with shelter .
  42. Although my mother's efforts, I declined to assist my cousin .
  43. After being away for a while, she still cherished her hubby .
  44. When he refused to return the missing book, the principal suspended him from college .
  45. I didn't appreciate and respect the film, although the audience found it intriguing .
  46. As we head to vacation, make sure to take care of us all .
  47. Since having a conversation could not address the matter, there is no point in going forward with the agreement .
  48. Whenever the costs hike, the quarterly sales decline .
  49. As I was walking across the road, a car rolled left past me and struck a tree .
  50. Many people enjoyed the circus act, but Jessica did not .

When Should You Use Complex Sentences?

Sometimes writers are unsure when it is appropriate to utilize complex sentences in their writing. To employ a complex sentence, you must first grasp the message you wish to convey.

The limitation of simple sentences is that they cannot convey extra information other than a single action taken by a single subject. A complicated sentence allows you to provide more information, the order of events, and any other important information.

Complex sentences could also be used to support a claim, evaluate and contrast concepts, and connect ideas that have similarities to a specific point. Unlike simple sentences, complex sentences make it easy to comprehend what the sentence means.

Here are some of examples ;

  1. I'm going on a trip .
  2. I am planning to travel even though it is pouring .

The first sentence is straightforward. However, the second is more complicated.

Owing to their sentence diversity, writers like complicated sentences. The usage of varied sentences in the material makes it more interesting and motivates users to read your content on a regular basis. Sentence diversity is the usage of numerous sentence patterns in your material in the order you want them to appear. Writing that simply uses similar sentences can discourage readers from reading as they are likely to become bored before they reach the middle of your text. Always employ complicated words in your writing to entice your readers to read the complete piece.

Complex sentences are an excellent addition to our material since they make it more appealing and interesting to our readers. The connection of the two clauses (independent and dependent) makes the material considerably more relevant and allows us to include more detail in a sentence.

When it comes to using a comma, you must be cautious. A comma should be used only if there is a pause or a differentiation. It's critical to evaluate your content as if you're speaking to someone, as this will assist you in identifying sections that need a comma.

Use complicated phrases in your writing since it is more enjoyable and allows you to express a topic or idea in greater detail. Don't forget to double-check the use of commas to ensure you get it right.

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