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Selena went to a detective's office. She opened the door of the office and entered without knocking. The detective was sitting on a chair with his feet resting on the desk. Selena said, "I have a job for you." The detective said, "I charge 200 dollars a day including expenses. Selena told the detective that she has great difficulties in sleeping at night because of a ghost. Selena was the daughter of Sir James Willing, who was a rich businessman. The detective didn't believe in ghost, but it was a rich client so he agreed to solve this case.

Question 1: Where did Selena go?

  1. to doctor's clinic
  2. to detective's office
  3. to restaurant
  4. to the shopping mall

Answer: B

Question 2: Where was the detective sitting?

  1. on a chair
  2. on a table
  3. on a sofa
  4. on a cot

Answer: A

Question 3: What was the reason for Selena's sleepless nights?

  1. dogs
  2. thief
  3. ghost
  4. cats

Answer: C

Question 4: Who was Selena's father?

  1. a famous doctor
  2. a rich businessman
  3. an engineer
  4. a politician

Answer: B

Question 5: Why detective agreed to solve this case?

  1. he didn't have work
  2. he liked Selena
  3. he was interested in ghosts
  4. he got a rich client

Answer: D


At the age of six, Tom started carrying stones for workers building railroads. He wanted to become a steel-driver who creates pathways for the railroad lines by cutting holes in rocks. When Tome grew up, he was a highly skilled steel-driver in the country. He married a woman who was also a steel driver, and they had a son after a few years of their marriage. One day a salesman came to visit the railroad company with a drilling machine. Tom liked the machine as he thought it would increase his efficiency and creativity in creating pathways.

Question 1: What Tom was doing at the age of six?

  1. playing with toys
  2. carrying stones for workers
  3. carrying water for workers
  4. creating pathways for railroad lines

Answer: B

Question 2: What Tom wanted to be when he grew up?

  1. doctor
  2. stone driver
  3. engineer
  4. steel driver

Answer: D

Question 3: Whom Tom married?

  1. a female engineer
  2. a female doctor
  3. a female steel driver
  4. none of the above

Answer: C

Question 4: What salesman brought with him?

  1. stone crusher
  2. drilling machine
  3. hammer
  4. all of the above

Answer: B

Question 5: Why Tom liked the machine?

  1. it had good design
  2. it was very cheap
  3. it could improve efficiency and creativity
  4. salesman was his best friend

Answer: C


The family is sitting around the fireplace in their home. The room was filled with the light of the fire. The father laughed at something his oldest daughter had just said. His daughter was sixteen, and her grandmother was sitting in the warmest corner of the room and knitting a woolen cap. This family had built their home near a lake, so that they could have access to clean water. They also had a few cows to fulfill their requirement of dairy products. Someone knocked at their door. Father opened the door and saw a young man standing in front of him. The young man said that the fire is just what he needed.

Question 1: Where was the family sitting?

  1. in the garden
  2. around the bonefire
  3. around the dining table
  4. around the fireplace

Answer: D

Question 2: What was the age of the daughter?

  1. fifteen
  2. sixteen
  3. seventeen
  4. eighteen

Answer: B

Question 3: What was the grandmother doing?

  1. drinking milk
  2. washing clothes
  3. sleeping in the corner
  4. knitting a woolen cap

Answer: D

Question 4: Where and why the family built their home?

  1. near a lake to have access to clean water
  2. near a forest to have access to woods
  3. near the city to fulfill their needs
  4. none of the above

Answer: A

Question 5: What the young man needed?

  1. water
  2. milk
  3. fire
  4. food

Answer: C


Peter was walking up and down in the hotel lobby. He joined the hotel as a General Manager and today was his first day of this job. He had completed a diploma in hotel management from a reputed hotel management institute in Dehradun. Today, there was a big marriage reception at the hotel, and he had the responsibility to make this event successful. Peter was confident as he was a brilliant student of his institute and knew how to handle big events. He clearly made the staff understand their roles and responsibility and assigned jobs as per their skills and caliber. Everyone praised him for his efforts and skills that contributed to the success of the event.

Question 1: At what designation Peter joined the hotel?

  1. Marketing Manager
  2. Event Manager
  3. Supervisor
  4. General Manger

Answer: D

Question 2: What was Peter's professional qualification?

  1. degree in hotel management
  2. diploma in hotel management
  3. diploma in hotel marketing
  4. diploma in event management

Answer: B

Question 3: What was the event at the hotel?

  1. a marriage reception
  2. a birthday party
  3. a marriage anniversary
  4. none of the above

Answer: A

Question 4: From which city Peter completed his diploma?

  1. Delhi
  2. Dehradun
  3. Chennai
  4. Mumbai

Answer: B

Question 5: What Peter did?

  1. drank a glass of wine
  2. provided training to the staff
  3. assigned jobs as per the skills
  4. any of the above

Answer: C


Fast walking offers numerous health benefits. It is good for heart as it helps lower blood pressure and increases good cholesterol in the blood. Studies show that walking can reduce the risk of heart disease to a greater extent. It is also believed that a thirty-minute walk can prevent the development of type-two diabetes. Walking strengthens the muscles and bones. You should wear loose clothes and good shoes for walking. Also, for better results, you should walk fast enough to make you breathe fast.

Question 1: What does the fast walking offer?

  1. satisfaction
  2. health benefits
  3. mental peace
  4. money

Answer: B

Question 2: Why is fast walking good for the heart?

  1. lower blood pressure
  2. increases good cholesterol in the blood
  3. both A and B
  4. none of the above

Answer: C

Question 3: As per the passage, a thirty-minute walk can

  1. prevent type two diabetes
  2. prevent osteoporosis
  3. prevent insomnia
  4. prevent heart attack

Answer: A

Question 4: As per the given passage, what does walking strengthen?

  1. arms and legs
  2. muscles and bones
  3. toes
  4. thighs

Answer: B

Question 5: As per the given passage, what does one should wear for walking?

  1. loose clothes and sun-glasses
  2. loose clothes and a hat
  3. pant and shirt
  4. loose clothes and good shoes

Answer: D

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