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Conjunction Worksheet

A conjunction is a term that combines and unites the sentence parts, terms, phrases, clauses, and statements. Conjunctions are regularly used terms such as and, but, so, because, or.

Conjunction Worksheet

Conjunctions are beneficial in conversation and writing content since they aid in making our sentences simpler, less repetitive, and less complex.

Conjunction Worksheet -1

Practicing conjunctions can help in mastering them quickly, so try this exercise in conjunction worksheet to strengthen your concept.

In each of the below mentioned sentences, circle or highlight the conjunctions.

  1. Dinner was ready, but the kids were not there.
  2. Her favorite desserts are butterscotch ice cream, apple pie, and chocolate cake.
  3. Do you like to sit on the bed or on the floor ?
  4. They waited for the van, but it never arrived.
  5. I will remain silent so that you can complete your schoolwork.
  6. The little kid was exhausted, yet she refused to go to sleep.
  7. Jack remained indoors at break time so that he could work on his research work.
  8. The soup is tasty, but it might be hotter.
  9. Gerry neither plays rugby nor soccer cricket.
  10. It was hot and sunny, so we ended up taking the cab to office.
  11. Eat all of your vegetables because they are rich in nutrients.
  12. My room was dirty after the party.
  13. He not only finishes his work on time but also scores well.
  14. He doesn't skate anymore since he broke his leg.

Note: Do try to solve the worksheet on your own before seeing the answers.

Answers- Conjunction Worksheet - 1

  1. But
  2. And
  3. Or
  4. But
  5. So
  6. Yet
  7. So
  8. But
  9. Neither; Nor
  10. So
  11. Because
  12. After
  13. Not only; But Also
  14. Since

Conjunction Worksheet - 2

Please select the correct and appropriate conjunction from the options and complete the sentences.

  1. We purchased the snacks ……………… they provided the milk.
    1. because
    2. and
    3. so
  2. He was penniless ………………. he was sincere.
    1. but
    2. because
    3. or
  3. They can go walking ………………… they can stay inside.
    1. a) and
    2. b) because
    3. c) or
  4. Everyone in the office liked him ………………… he was hardworking.
    1. so
    2. because
    3. while
  5. I will call you ………………… I come.
    1. so
    2. for
    3. when
  6. She told me ………………… she liked me ………………. it was untrue.
    1. when also
    2. that, but
    3. while, so
  7. It is a problem…………………. remedy has bewildered even the specialists.
    1. because
    2. when
    3. whose
  8. It is a riddle/puzzle...................... nobody can answer.
    1. Either
    2. which
    3. that
  9. We stayed one day more …………….. we could see more of Kerala.
    1. Either
    2. so that
    3. so
  10. .………………. you need any assistance, do let me know.
    1. If
    2. Which
    3. Yet

Note: Do practice and attempt the questions before seeing the answers.

Answers- Conjunction Worksheet - 2

  1. and
  2. but
  3. or
  4. because
  5. when
  6. that but
  7. whose
  8. that / which
  9. so that
  10. If

Conjunction Worksheet- 3

Complete the conjunctions worksheet below.

To complete the sentences, use the conjunctions listed below.

(And, but, because, yet, otherwise, either.... or, neither.... nor, not only.... but also, so... that, as.... as, both.... and, as if, while, as soon as, but before, despite the fact that, after, when, or, where, why, how, still, until, unless, until, if, since)

  1. ___________ John is a very busy man who devotes time to his children.
  2. He is _____ smart and _____ diligent.
  3. Ramesh will play tonight ____he gets the opportunity.
  4. You won't be successful ________you put in the hardwork.
  5. We must get there __________anyone else.
  6. Peter is _________a foolish ______a dumb person.
  7. She fell asleep____ watching the cartoon.
  8. He is __________knowledgeable _________honest.
  9. Andrew was cooking ____________the delivery man knocked.
  10. I was furious, ___________I didn't fight back.
  11. She was depressed, _______she was wealthy.
  12. I adore him _____ he is my best buddy.
  13. She will not believe you ________you tell the truth.
  14. Lilly is ______beautiful________ Latika.
  15. We have no idea _______Sushma failed the assessment.
  16. Vijay is intelligent ________arrogant.
  17. I'm unable to attend the conference _________I'm sick with a fever.
  18. This is the place _________ I grew up.
  19. Ved is __________sweet __________kind-hearted.
  20. _________you didn't keep quiet; you'll be put outside.

Note: Please attempt to complete the sentences on your own before seeing the answers, as practice makes one perfect.

Answers- Conjunction Worksheet - 3

  1. Though
  2. neither, nor
  3. if
  4. unless
  5. before
  6. either; or
  7. while
  8. not only; but also
  9. when
  10. still
  11. although
  12. since
  13. until
  14. as; as
  15. why
  16. but
  17. because
  18. where
  19. both; and
  20. If

Keep Practicing, Keep Learning!

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