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Context free grammar

Context free grammar is a formal grammar which is used to generate all possible strings in a given formal language.

Context free grammar G can be defined by four tuples as:


G describes the grammar

T describes a finite set of terminal symbols.

V describes a finite set of non-terminal symbols

P describes a set of production rules

S is the start symbol.

In CFG, the start symbol is used to derive the string. You can derive the string by repeatedly replacing a non-terminal by the right hand side of the production, until all non-terminal have been replaced by terminal symbols.


L= {wcwR | w € (a, b)*}

Production rules:

Now check that abbcbba string can be derived from the given CFG.

By applying the production S → aSa, S → bSb recursively and finally applying the production S → c, we get the string abbcbba.

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