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Convert PDF to PNG

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a type of image format which has better quality than JPG. Users should know how to convert a PDF into PNG. To open PDF, you require an external application, while for the PNG image, you don't require any external application.

Suppose you want all the images of your PDF file in image format, then you can convert it into PNG for easy viewing and sharing.

Let's learn how to convert PDF to PNG.

Converting PDF to PNG using Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Open your PDF that you want to convert into PNG in Adobe Acrobat DC.

Note- Free version of Adobe Acrobat provides limited tools, so for this tool, you need to purchase the Adobe Acrobat DC.

  • Now go to the Tools tab and click on Export PDF.
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Click on Image, choose PNG, and press the Export
Convert PDF to PNG
  • As soon as you click on Export, a new Save as dialogue box will open on the screen>select the folder where you want to save your PNG images.
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Name the file and press the Save
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Your PDF will be converted into PNG images.
Convert PDF to PNG

Converting PDF to PNG using online tools

  • Open your web browser and search for convert PDF to PNG online.
  • There are so many options available online like pdf2png, smallpdf, pdfcandy, pdfpro,
  • Choose any of them, let's say you choose, pdfcandy open it.
  • Click on Add file and choose the PDF file that you want to convert into PNG.
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Your file will be uploaded. You can select the quality of the PNG images as well. Now, select the Convert PDF
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Finally, select the Download file button to download the PNG files. Your files will be downloaded as a zip file; you can extract your PNG images from that.
Convert PDF to PNG

Converting PDF to PNG using print screen function in windows

You can convert a page of your PDF into PNG by using a Print screen function available on your keyboard.

  • Open your PDF in any PDF reader or in a browser.
  • For example, you open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Open that page or that part of the PDF which you want to convert into PNG.
  • Adjust that part in the screen appropriately so that you can take a screenshot of that part easily.
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Now press the Print Screen (prtsc) button available in the keyboard to take a screenshot of the whole screen or press ctrl+alt+prt sc to take a screenshot of the current window. Your screenshot will be taken.
  • Paste your screenshot in paint or Microsoft word. There you can crop or make other adjustments in your PNG image.
Convert PDF to PNG
  • After all the adjustments, go to File and click on Save as>PNG picture and select the folder to save your PNG image.
Convert PDF to PNG
  • Your PNG file will be saved.
Convert PDF to PNG
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