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Convert XPS to PDF

XPS stands for XML paper specification. It is a fixed file format which is developed by Microsoft. It is similar to PDF but based on XML instead of the PostScript language.

Both XPS and PDF have the same functionality and are used to share finalized documents. But PDF has won this digital war. If you receive an XPS file, then you can face difficulty to open it, or even you may consider it as malware. So, it would be better if you convert XPS to PDF.

Convert XPS to PDF using Online Tools

There are many online tools available to convert XPS to PDF, such as zamzar, onlineConvert, pdfconvertOnline, online2Pdf, xpstopdf, etc.

Here, we are going to use zamzar.

  • Go to the link. You will get the page like below:
Convert XPS to PDF

Click on the Add Files button.

  • From the open dialog box, select your XPS file, which you want to convert into PDF, then click Open.
Convert XPS to PDF
  • Click on Convert Now.
Convert XPS to PDF
  • Wait for a couple of seconds, and then your converted file will be ready to download.
  • Click on the download icon to download the file on your computer.
Convert XPS to PDF
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