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CouchDB Delete Database

CouchDB Delete Database using Fauxton

Open the Fauxton url:

Click on the "Databases" tab and you will see all databases:

Delete Database 1

Here, we are going to delete "javatpoint" database. Click on the delete icon encircled in red.

Delete Database 2

It will show a pop-up message asking to confirm the database name. Write down the name of the database.

Delete Database 3

Now the database is deleted.

Delete Database 4

CouchDB Delete Database Using cURL utility

CouchDB facilitates you to delete a database by sending an HTTP request to the server using DELETE method through cURL utility.


Note: -X is used to specify a custom request method of HTTP while communicating with the HTTP server. To delete a database, send the url to the server by specifying the database.


Let's delete the database named "my_database".

Use the following command:

CouchDB Delete database 1


You can verify that your database is deleted by using the following command:

CouchDB Delete database 2

Here we can see that my_database is no more in list and it is deleted permanently.

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