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CouchDB Installation

Install CouchDB on Windows

Download CouchDB:

Go to official CouchDB website:

CouchDB Installation 1

Click on the download button, you will get a page, having various formats files to download CouchDB.

CouchDB Installation 2

Download CouchDB according to your operating system.

CouchDB Installation 3

Run the downloaded apache file.

CouchDB Installation 4
CouchDB Installation 5 CouchDB Installation 6 CouchDB Installation 7 CouchDB Installation 8 CouchDB Installation 9 CouchDB Installation 10 CouchDB Installation 11 CouchDB Installation 12

After the complete installation, open browser and open the following link:

This web page will have the following output:

CouchDB Installation 13

You can interact with the CouchDB web interface by using the following url:

Now go to the verify tab and verify installation:

CouchDB Installation 14

After verification, you will get a verification message.

Now go to Setup tab and you see two options "Configure cluster" and "Configure Single Node".

Cluster is used for multiple servers and for a large setup. For a simple database application, we have to choose "configure single node".

When you click on the "configure single node", you have to fill some credentials.

CouchDB Installation 15

You can change the password or create another admin by clicking on the admin tab.

CouchDB Installation 16

Install CouchDB on Linux Systems

Some Linux based systems provide CouchDB internally. To install CouchDB on Ubuntu and Debian, use the following instructions:

CouchDB Install CouchDB on Linux 1 CouchDB Install CouchDB on Linux 2 CouchDB Install CouchDB on Linux 3 CouchDB Install CouchDB on Linux 4


CouchDB is a web interface so you can verify it on web browser. Open the following homepage url:

It will give the following output:


CouchDB Install CouchDB on Linux 5

If the Linux system does not have CouchDB then install CouchDB and its following dependencies:

  • Erlang OTP
  • ICU
  • OpenSSL
  • Mozilla SpiderMonkey
  • GNU Make
  • GNU Compiler Collection
  • libcurl
  • help2man
  • Python for docs
  • Python Sphinx

To install the above dependencies use the following commands:

Then configure and start CouchDB. You should also verify the output by using the following url:

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