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Create an Element Project

Let's see how to start an element project:

1. First, create a directory for your element project. Here the directory name is my-element.

2. Navigate to that directory.

3. Initialize your element. Polymer CLI asks you a few questions as it sets up your element project.

Polymer element project 1

4. Select element

Polymer element project 2

5. Enter a name for your element. Here the name of my element is "my-first-element".

Polymer element project 3

6. Enter the description of your element.

Polymer element project 4

Now, Polymer CLI will generate files and directories for your element, and will install your project's dependencies. You can see in the following image:

Polymer element project 5 Polymer element project 6

7. Now your setup is completed.

Polymer element project 7

Element Project layout

When the initialization process is completed, Polymer CLI generates the following files and directories.

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