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Creating the First Godot Project

Node is a fundamental building block, and a Scene is an object or place. We need to create a node in the scene tree. When we have to create a new node, then every single node is a simple trick where blue is 2D and red in 3D. We can use control to zoom in and out. If we want to print Hello World, we need a script. We need the game engine also. In Godot, we cannot create a script itself. Script sits on top of the node. A node can have one script that has no node. So we need to create a node in the scene tree. In the scene tree, we have to click on the + symbol where we can create a new node, and every node is in this list.


Creating First Godot Project

There are many types of nodes, and some show images, some play sound, and some nodes display 3D models, etc.

A node is an essential element for creating a game, and it has the following characteristics:

  • It has a name
  • It can receive a callback to process every frame.
  • It has editable properties
  • It can be extended
  • The node can be added to other nodes as children.

The last one is very important. Nodes can have other nodes as children. When arranged in the way, the nodes become a tree. In Godot, the ability to organize nodes in the idea creates a powerful tool for organizing projects.


A scene is composed of a group of nodes organized hierarchically. It has the given properties:

  • A scene always has only one root node.
  • Scenes can be instanced
  • Scenes can be saved to disk and loaded back.
  • Running a game means running a scene.

So basically, the Godot editor is a scene editor. It has tools for editing 2D and 3D scenes as well as user interfaces.

We have to create a 2D node. After that, we have to click on it to create the node.

Creating First Godot Project

After creating, we have to click on the Attach Node Script to generate the script page.

Creating First Godot Project

This page will appear, which is the script page where we code.

Creating First Godot Project

Here, we delete the comment to code.

Creating First Godot Project

Below is the code to print "Hello." Variables are the key concept in any programming language.


Creating First Godot Project

Precisely the same process follows down where we print "Helloyou!" As given below in the output.


Creating First Godot Project

Godot is based on Python and static languages like C++ and C #. In GDScript, curly braces are different meanings but not useful here. Indentation is significant in the Godot engine. If we get stuck somewhere, we have to hold control and click on it. It brings the documentation of the function.

In the next tutorial, we learn about Lonny Lips in Godot.

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