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CSS font-variant property

CSS font-variant property specifies how to set a font variant of an element. Its values may be normal and small-caps. By using the small-caps value, the lowercase letters converted into uppercase, but in a smaller size compared to the original uppercase letters. This property specifies that the text should be appeared in the small-caps font or not.

The output generated by the font-variant property can be affected by the value of the text-transform property. If the value of font-variant is small-caps and the value of text-transform is set to lowercase, then the characters will appear in the lowercase. If the value of font-variant is small-caps and the value of text-transform is set to uppercase, then the characters will appear in the uppercase.

The small-caps value of this CSS property will not work if the letters in the source code are written in the uppercase. For example, suppose we have a paragraph in which letters are written in uppercase, and we are applying the font-variant property with the value small-caps to the corresponding paragraph, the font will be displayed as the regular uppercase instead of small-caps.


Property values

The values of this CSS property are defined as follows:

normal: It is the default value, which specifies the normal font-face.

small-caps: It is used to specify the small-caps font face, in which the lowercase letters are displayed as uppercase letters but in a smaller size.

initial: It sets the property to its default value.

inherit: It inherits the property from its parent element.


In this example, we are applying the font-variant: small-caps; on the paragraph elements. In the first paragraph, the text is already in uppercase letters, so the small-capsvalue will not override it. But the text in the second paragraph is affected by the small-caps value because it is not in uppercase.

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CSS font-variant property
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