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What is the full form of DA

DA: Dearness Allowance

DA stands for Dearness Allowance. It refers to the component of salary given by the employer to protect the workers from the negative impacts of inflation. The dearness allowance is paid out as a percentage of the worker's basic pay.

DA full form

Pensioners and employees in the public sector or government usually get DA. It has to do with the cost of living, which varies depending on whether you are living in an urban, semi-urban, or rural area.

The DA History:

After the Second World War, DA was introduced. It used to be known as Dear Food Allowance. In response to the employee's request for a salary modification, DA was given to them. The allowance then became linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Different DA:

DA is computed using revisions based on the CPI to slow the inflation rate. Two DA categories exist:

a. Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA):

This benefit is available to public sector workers and is updated every three months following CPI.

b. Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA):

Central government personnel are eligible for the Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA), which is updated every six months.

VDA consists of three crucial parts:

  • Base Index
  • CPI
  • The government sets the VDA amount.

Pensioners' DA:

The pension for retired public-sector workers is modified each time the Pay Commission publishes a new salary structure. The retired employee pension also varies when the DA % changes.

Important Information about DA:

The following are some crucial DA-related considerations that you need to keep in mind:

  • DA is distinct from HRA, often known as House Rent Allowance.
  • Only employees in the public sector are eligible for DA.
  • DA is subject to taxation.
  • According to the Income Tax Act, DA must be disclosed when submitting income tax returns.

Why does DA differ in various cities?

DAs are distributed following the employee's location. The amount or percentage of DA will be different for an employee living in a rural location compared to an employee living in a city or an urban area. Your percentage of the DA allowance will be lower if you stay in a small town or village than in a major city.

The cost of living in an urban location is higher than in a rural area, which explains the difference. You know that the dearness allowance is based on the cost of living.

How is DA different from TA?

DA full form

Travelling Allowance and Dearness Allowance are denoted by TA and DA, respectively. TA & DA refers to the company's funds for its workers. The dearness allowance is a percentage of the worker's basic pay.

DA: Allowance for Inflation

  • The DA is a measure of salaries paid to pensioners, PSEs (public sector workers), and government employees in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.
  • The Dearness Allowance is calculated as a portion of an individual's basic income in India to minimize the effects of inflation on people.
  • In a salary, DA is an addition to the allowance for living expenses calculated as a percentage of (Grade Pay + Basic Pay).
  • The Dearness Allowance is updated for consumer price index inflation each quarter of the year.

TA: Allowance for Travel

DA full form

TA is the sum of money given to workers to cover travel and other expenses paid while on a business trip. Typically, the price of travel-related costs such as lodging and meals are included.

While some companies ask you to provide proof of your travel costs, hotel costs, and other costs to get the money you spent on the business trip, other companies pay set travel expenditures every month. Travel allowances are fixed, if someone spends more than they are permitted, they are responsible for paying for the additional expenditures. The employee is required to stick to the limitations.

What Are Travel Allowances and How Do They Work?

  • It is the amount of money an employee receives for travel and other expenses on a business trip.
  • Among other things, it frequently pays for the price of transportation, bills, and food expenditures.
  • You are to provide travel tickets, invoices, and other documentation to show the amount you spent on the business trip. Some businesses give a fixed monthly travel allowance.
  • To avoid unnecessary costs, travelling allowances are designed so the employee must adhere to them.


DA is calculated concerning the cost of living and varies by place. Since the cost of living cannot be the same everywhere, the DA also differs from one place to another. Additionally, you must look at the several DAs offered to workers and determine which DA applies to you.

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