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DAO Class in Java

Data Access Object patterns, often known as DAO patterns, are used to divide high level business services from low level data accessing APIs or actions. The members of the Data Access Object Pattern are listed below.

Data Access Object Interface: The Data Access Object Interface specifies the common operations to be carried out on a model object (s).

Concrete Data Access Object class: This class implements the aforementioned interface. This class is in charge of obtaining data from a data source, which could be a database, XML, or another type of storage system.

Model or Value Object: This object is a straightforward POJO with get/set methods for storing data obtained using the DAO class.


A student object will be created and used as a model as well as a value object.

Data Access Object Interface is called StudentDao.

The concrete class StudentDaoImpl implements the Data Access Object Interface. StudentDao will be used by DaoPatternDemo, our demo class, to show how to use the Data Access Object pattern.

DAO Class in Java

Step 1:

Value Object creation.

Step 2:

Data Access Object Interface creation.

Step 3:

Construct a class that implements the aforementioned interface.

Step 4:

Utilize the StudentDao to illustrate how to use the Data Access Object pattern.

Step 5:

Check the results.

DAO Class in Java

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