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Daredevil Musthafa Review


Indian comedy-drama Daredevil Musthafa was directed by Shashank Soghal in 2023, marking his first time directing the movie. The movie is based on the same-named short story by Poornachandra Tejaswi. More than 100 Tejaswi's admirers worked together to develop it. The film stars an ensemble cast of Shishir Baikady, Aditya Ashree, Abhay, Supreeth Bharadwaj, Aashith, Srivatsa, Prerana, M. S. Umesh, Mandya Ramesh, Mysore Anand, Sunder Veena, Harini Srikanth, Nagabhushana, Poornachandra Mysuru, Vijay Shobhraj, Chaithra Shetty, Karthik Pattar, Krishnegowda and Mahadeva Prasad.

Daredevil Musthafa Review

Movie Plot

When the world seemed significantly better than now, Poornachandra Tejaswi penned a short fiction about a Muslim boy enrolling in a government institution only for Hindus in Abachur. In a campus full of Hindu students, he is perceived as an outsider and someone whose culture is different. Although the area is lovely and appears to be picture-perfect, there is a strong undercurrent of hatred between the Hindus and Muslims due to a relationship between a Hindu girl and a Muslim guy.

Director Shashank Soghal establishes each stereotype of Muslims that we have learned over the years before shattering it; animation in the background demonstrates why they are thought of in the other way. Jamal Abdullah Mustafa Hussain, the student's name, is difficult for the teacher to say. They use a foreign language, eat and dress differently, perform unfamiliar jobs, and use different perfume types. We are different, yet we are the same, argue Shashank and his writing team (Anantha Shandreya and Raghavendra Mayakonda) in their argument.

A group of males in the college are already led by Iyengar (Aditya Ashree is utterly fantastic as Ramanuja, the boy with a cruel streak and a past). Most of them want Ramamani, Musthafa's admirer (Prerana Gowda). Unaware that Musthafa is the focus of someone's intense affection, the brothers decide to teach him a lesson when this brings up old wounds in their memories.

When a classmate opens Musthafa's tiffin box to find no biryani inside, he is dissatisfied and gently reminded that people don't eat festival food daily. Like most of us, Musthafa is aware of his surroundings but still holds out hope. What a sweet youngster Musthafa is; after the teacher makes fun of him for not being able to recite a poem correctly, he figures out how to do it correctly. All the principal asks is what he should do to be praised after listing what he should not do; he constantly rises.

Movie Cast

Daredevil Musthafa's Real Characters Daredevil Musthafa's Movie Characters
Shishira Baikady Jamal Abdul Musthafa Hussain
Aditya Ashree Ramanuja Iyengari
Prerana Gowada Ramamani
Poornachandra Mysuru Sulthankeri Usmaan
Nagabhushan Sarpabushana
Mandeya Ramesh Principal Seebayya
Vijay Shobaraj Pavoor Kusumakara
S Umesh Rangadhamaiah
Vijay Kumar Soghal Police constable
Karthik Pattar Dammanagi (Logic / Economics Lecturer)
Karthik Patta O.S.K (English Lecturer)
O.S.K (English Lecturer) Kusumakar (PT Master)
Harini Srikanth Ramanuja's Mother
Ramanuja's Mother Ramanuja's Father
Ramanuja's Father Peon Aadinarayana
Daredevil Musthafa Review

Review from Different Platforms

1. The News Minute

Rating: 4/5


Team Cinemamara is the film's producer, and it was crowdfunded. Incredibly, a person of Dhananjaya's popularity would support a movie that tackles all of today's hot-button problems head-on without holding back?things like interreligious marriages and racial tension during the Ganesha procession.

When someone wonders how Iyengari will forgive Musthafa for playing with his beliefs, another boy asks, but what about beliefs when we trampled his fez cap? Interestingly, the writing team chooses not to declaim but allows the students to realize their mistakes. Everything seems very real and un-film.

All that ends well in these films, and cricket is a fantastic unifier. Director Shashank deserves all the credit for transporting the audience back in time as it allows you to relive the days of elementary school when you had to dig about in your steel geometry box to find a rupee coin and delighted in the sight of rose biscuits, and chaklis being heaped within tiffin boxes. Rahul Roy's cinematography never gives you the impression that you see Abachur from a distance; instead, it immerses you in action. That sensation is enhanced by the music of Navaneeth Sham and the sound design of Swasthik Karekad.

The film has been edited by Rahul Roy, Sharath Vashisht, and Harish Komme, and even at 2 hours and 30 minutes, it doesn't lag. It breathes wonderfully and draws you into its world. Although the finale is sad, you can be confident that Musthafa did his duty.

The nation is Abachur in many ways. We all require a Daredevil Musthafa to guide us toward our goodness and generosity to escape the mess we have been forced into. And Kannada cinema will be therapeutic for broken spirits if future filmmakers listen to their hearts.

Daredevil Musthafa Review

2. Times of India

Critic's Rating: 4.0/5


The college students Ramanuja Iyengar (Aditya) and Jamal Abdul Musthafa (Shashidhar) are the focus of the lovely village of Abachuru's film, Daredevil Musthafa. Ramanuja and his buddies become uneasy after Mustafa enters the campus and attracts the female faculty members and students. The gang tries to punish him by attempting to get him expelled from college, but Musthafa refuses to be controlled. The novel's central conflict occurs when two forces collide in college.

The short story of the same name by poet K P Poornachandra Tejaswi was adapted as Daredevil Musthafa. Tejaswi previously suggested that films should be made from literature to expand their audience. The best literary adaptation of the novel is the outcome of the filmmaker, Shashank Sohgal, sincerely following this. The narrative concludes that one who lives following one's principles is in harmony with the universe. Even though the book is at least 50 years old, its message of coexistence in harmony and peace is valid today?perhaps even more so. Its message of religious tolerance and unity has been effectively portrayed on screen. The movie brings you to Abachuru and holds your attention until the end. The film is made to be as fascinating as the novel itself, thanks to the writing, direction, and cast.

The basic story is still very relevant despite the periodic setting. The decision to shoot the movie in a rural area rather than on a set designed to replicate a specific era has worked out exceptionally well for the movie.

Daredevil Musthafa Review

The main characters, Aditya and Shashidhar, are played by various newcomers in the ensemble cast, along with a few experienced performers like Mandya Ramesh, Nagbhushan, and Poornachandra Mysore. The director has hand-picked them because they all perfectly fit their respective roles.

One of Sandalwood's most excellent modern literary adaptations, Daredevil will undoubtedly go down in history as a classic. Take advantage of seeing this film in a theatre.

Daredevil Musthafa Kannada Movie Box-Office Collection

Day Collection
Day 1 (Friday) INR 0.15 CR
Day 2 (Saturday) INR 0.24 CR
Day 3 (Sunday) INR 0.29 CR
Day 4 (Monday) INR 0.16 CR
Day 5 (Tuesday) INR 0.14 CR
Day 6 (Wednesday) INR 0.12 CR
Day 7 (Thursday) INR 0.10 CR
Week 1 (Collection) INR 1.20 CR

Hit or Flop

Daredevil Musthafa proved to be a HIT movie. The movie was made with a budget of INR 4 Crores. Its worldwide collection is still to be announced, but if we look closely at its one-week collection and research, it is a hit venture with a great storyline and mindful casting. Director Shashank Soghal truly made a commendable debut with this movie.

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