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Dart Keywords

Dart Keywords are the reserve words that have special meaning for the compiler. It cannot be used as the variable name, class name, or function name. Keywords are case sensitive; they must be written as they are defined.  There are 61 keywords in the Dart. Some of them are common, you may be already familiar and few are different. Below is the list of the given Dart keywords.

abstract2 else import2 super
as2 enum in switch
assert export2 interface2 sync1
async1 extends is this
await3 extension2 library2 throw
break external2 mixin2 true
case factory new try
catch false null typedef2
class final on1 var
const finally operator2 void
continue for part2 while
covarient2 Function2 rethrow with
default get2 return yield3
deffered2 hide1 set2
do if show1
dynamic2 implements2 static2

In the above list of keywords, we have a few keywords which are marked with the superscript(1,2 and 3). Following, we are defining the reason for superscript.

  • Subscript 1 - These keywords are called contextual keywords. They have special meaning and used in particular places.
  • Subscript 2 - These keywords are called built-in identifiers. These types of keywords are used to porting of JavaScript code for Dart, these keywords are treated as a valid identifier, but they cannot be used in the class name function name, or import prefixes.
  • Subscript 3 - These are newly added keyword related to the asynchrony

We will explain these keywords in detail in the upcoming tutorials.

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