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Das Ka Dhamki Review

Action-comedy thriller Das Ka Dhamki translates to "Das Warning." This Indian Telugu-language film was directed by Vishwak Sen in 2023 and was written by him in collaboration with Prasanna Kumar Bezawada. The maker of the film is Karate Raju, Vishwak's father, and it was released under the Vanmaye Creations and Vishwaksen Cinemas production companies. Vishwak Sen is the leading actor and plays the dual role of Krishna and Sanjay. Tharun Bhascker, Hyper Aadhi, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Rohini, and Akshara Gowda are the supporting actors.

Das Ka Dhamki Review

Das Ka Dhamki is a 2023 film released on 22 March 2023. This movie received mixed to positive reviews from reviewers and became a box office hit on a commercial level.

Plot of the Movie

Krishna Das, a waiter or server at Hyderabad's five-star "Eestin" hotel, tries to live a lavish life because customers at the hotel often make fun of him for being poor. Krishna tries to enjoy life to the fullest, along with his friends Mahesh and Aadhi. Krishna meets Keerthi, a fashion design student, at the hotel one day, and she mistakes Krishna for the CEO of the pharmaceutical company "SR Pharma Life." He falls in love with her. Later, Keerthi learns that Krishna is cheating on her through his lies, and he is eventually fired from the hotel. After getting fired, Krishna is in need of money to pay for his living expenses. The co-founder of SR Pharma Life discovers Krishna.

The CEO of SR Pharma Life, Sanjay Rudra, is later revealed to be Krishna's identical twin. A wealthy and kind doctor named Sanjay is working to develop a medicine that can treat cancer in order to fulfill his vision of a world free of cancer. Later, Sanjay meets Dhanunjay, an investor who contributes 10,000 crores to the project he is working on. Krishna has been asked to look after the business and Sanjay's family for ten days after Sanjay unexpectedly dies in a vehicle accident. Krishna is both confused and happy by this because it allows him to live a luxurious life and temporarily impress Keerthi.

Krishna, however, makes the decision to look into the incident and finds that he is the only one to blame for Sanjay's death because Sanjay was driving fast, and Krishna spilled coffee on his car's windscreen, which led to an accident.

Krishna finds it difficult to accept and confesses to Sanjay's paralyzed mother that he is responsible for Sanjay's death. When Sanjay's uncle answers the phone, Krishna tells him that he will reveal his identity and that Sanjay was killed in a vehicle accident since he is not able to act like Sanjay.

Then it is discovered that Sanjay is still alive and is not who he claims to be. Sanjay and his professor developed a cancer-curing medicine, but when the professor refused to sell the drug so Sanjay might profit from it, Sanjay killed him. The medicine was only a success in one trial, and the rest of the trials ended up dying. As a result, Sanjay created his version of the drug, but it also failed very badly. Then, Sanjay used Krishna to escape and attempted to flee to another country with 10,000 crores.

Krishna manages to escape from the police and calls Keerthi, his girlfriend, for help. But later, he discovers that Keerthi was also involved in the plan and had only used Krishna to help Sanjay escape the country. Krishna asks Mahesh and Aadhi to help him by making Sanjay fall into a trap. Later, Sanjay falls into the trap, and Krishna takes advantage of the situation to swap Sanjay's identity while getting him jailed. Krishna gets all the family members arrested except his mother and goes away with the money. He also tricks Keerthi by making her believe that he is Sanjay and marries her.

A year later, it was discovered that Sanjay invented a mind-controlling drug while imprisoned that allowed him to flee. Sanjay calls Krishna and informs him of his return, giving a hint that the story will be continued in Dhamki 2.

Movie Review

Vishwak Sen made an attempt to create a film in the "eat the rich" genre.

The first half of Das Ka Dhamki's movie is filled with regular commercial comedy. With the support of Mahesh and Aadhi, duets are performed in unusual settings, with lots of laughter and some emotion brought on by Das' condition and Rao Ramesh's entry. The movie is so predictable that one can even guess the interval timing from a mile away.

In an effort to surprise the viewers with "twists" and "turns," the writer appears to go too far.

The film's main drawback is a plot that is focused on pharmaceutical medications. Even though it's important for the story, people don't seem to care where the story of developing the medicine is going. After a while, the greed-driven characters in the second part of the film do what they're good at and leave the audience to wonder when it will all stop.

Regardless of what the audience might think, Das Ka Dhamki is still worth seeing just because of Vishwak Sen. He performs well, whether he is playing a stupid character or defending the right. He gets to take on two roles, and he succeeds in both.

Das Ka Dhamki only succeeds to some extent and wastes the ending by creating a conflict for a further sequel.

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