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What is the full form of DCP

DCP: Deputy Commissioner Of Police

DCP full form

DCP Stands for Deputy Commissioner Of Police. A deputy commissioner of police is a senior rank in the Indian Police or State Police Services and is in command of the district police. A DCP is in charge of overseeing and supervising the actions of the police and serves as the head of criminal administration.

A DCP is in charge of overseeing and supervising the actions of the police and serves as the head of criminal administration. The duty and authority of upholding peace and order in an Indian union territory or district fall on the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The district police chief is known as the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), which is comparable to the post of Superintendent of Police, in metropolitan areas with a Police Commissionerate system (Mumbai Police, Delhi Police, Hyderabad Police, Bangalore City Police) (SP). The national flag is shown atop a star as this officer's rank insignia on the shoulder. DCP positions are only found in urban areas.

DCPs In- Office Responsibilities

  • Upholding the law and order.
  • Hearing revenue cases in the Indian areas of the metropolitan area.
  • Guiding and managing the behavior of Indian police officers to uphold and fairly enforce the law, and to safeguard people's lives, liberty, property, human rights, and dignity.
  • To defend internal security, to stop and stop terrorist attacks, societal unrest, militant activity, and other things that threaten internal security.
  • By their own preventative actions and measures, to prevent crimes and decrease the opportunity for crimes to be committed.
  • To foster and uphold a sense of security in the neighborhood, and to minimize conflicts and foster amity.

Collection Of Intelligence

DCPs are required to collect intelligence about:

  1. Any incident of law and order.
  2. Political activities.
  3. Labor activities.
  4. Student activities and agitations thereof.
  5. Communal tensions and events.
  6. Employees' associations and strikes by them.
  7. Criminal activities.
  8. Miscellaneous activities and events tend to destroy peace and tranquility.

How To Become A Deputy Commissioner Of Police (DCP)?

DCP full form
  • To be eligible for the position of DCP, interested individuals must pass the Civil Services test with high grades.
  • The selection procedure consists of three steps and passing each exam level calls for unwavering dedication.
  • Candidates who are qualified for the position of IPS officer have the opportunity to become the deputy commissioner of police, and selection is based on exam scores. Before taking the UPSC CSE exam, individuals who want to join the IPS must first meet the basic requirements.
  • Between the ages of 21 and 32 should be allowed.
  • A citizen of India is required for nationality.
  • Education: Must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher learning or an equivalent degree.
  • It is an IPS senior scale position.
  • In 4 years, an IPS officer gets promoted to Additional SP/DCP, which is a senior scale.
  • A DCP typically has at least six or seven years of experience as an IPS officer.
  • Therefore, in order to become a DCP, you must first hold the position of an IPS officer, which can be obtained either directly through the UPSC or through promotion from the state police service.
  • Within five years, an IPS officer who has immediately hired advances to SP status. And in the United States, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) who was hired immediately rises to the rank after serving for 14 years.

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