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Dear Friend Review


Director- Vineeth Kumar

Writer- Suhas-Sharfu, Arjun Lal

Producer- Shyju Khalid, Sameer Thahir, Ashiq Usman

Starring- Tovino Thomas, Darshana Rajendran

Cinematography- Shyju Khalid

Editor- Deepu Joseph

Music by - Justin Varghese

Release date- 10 June 2022

Dear Friend Review

Dear Friend is a 2022 Indian Malayalam comedy-drama film. Vinod, Arjun, Jannath, Sajith, and Sham are a group of Malayali friends who work in Bengaluru and are the movie's main characters. They know how to have fun at a young age, and life is mainly about celebrating and building memories for them. One of them, Vinod (Tovino Thomas), is a charmer but sometimes irritable. Arjun, Sajith, and Sham are all techies who are working together to build a business, while Darshana, as Jaannath, is a psychotherapist. In addition to being a gang member, Jannath is also Arjun's romantic interest.

In addition to being a gang member, Jannath is also Arjun's romantic interest. Things were going well for the gang before Vinod went missing. They were all questioned by the police. In Dear Friend, these friends search for information about their missing friend.

The group's various enjoyable activities are intermingled throughout the 1st half, depicting their relationships. Sometimes, one wonders whether it's all about 'how pleasant it is to have loving friends who know how to generate memories.' But after the break, we generally stay on edge, eager to figure out the mysterious turn the story took at the start of its 2nd half. There is some pleasure in seeing the same amusing gang try diligently to find the truth, but you are still unsure whether to believe your own instincts.

Here, the mysterious element is Vinod's personality. Everyone has had pleasant experiences with this individual, but the information they have heard about him has been bad. It's challenging to judge Vinod for his attitude, but at the same time, it's simple to relate to the friends' pain.

As a director, Vineeth Kumar keeps everything genuine. It was expected that the plot would revolve around typical friend movie problems. However, the actual writing and creation kept clear of these pathways. The gang's friendship is demonstrated through amusing moments. Shyju Khalid's captivating Bangalore was portrayed in the room scenes so that we might imagine ourselves there. Despite having a leisurely pace, Deepu Joseph keeps the plot intriguing. The instrumental music by Justin Varghese complements the narrative's emotional progression. It was fantastic to see Darshana Rajendran as Jannath. After Pada, Arjun Radhakrishnan receives another noteworthy part. Good work was done by Arjun Lal, who wrote this movie with Suhas and Sharfu. Basil Joseph was undoubtedly funny. The other notable actors are Sanchana Natarajan, Rekha, Hakkim Shajahan, & Jaffer Idukki.

From a writing standpoint, the portrayal of the friends' suffering might have been more intense. The unbearable agony in Arjun's final query to Vinod failed to come over clearly on film. We were unable to empathize with Vinod because of the writing at that particular place. When a film has a weakness that detracts from its brilliance, it may be disappointing. This was the case with Dear Friend.


'Dear Friend' is the story of six people and their friendship. Each of them has a distinct personality, and the performers did a fantastic job of capturing that. Even the humor doesn't feel forced in the film; everything moves at its own speed. This movie is for those who value close relationships as integral to their lives. Bonding also includes letting go, giving people room to breathe, and embracing them for who they are.

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