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Decoupled Review

"Decoupled" is an Ott series which is written by "Manu Joseph" and directed by "Hardik Mehta." This was released on 17th December 2021 on the platform "NETFLIX"; this series consists of eight episodes in dual language, i.e., English and Hindi, and every episode is around twenty-five to thirty-five (25 - 35 minutes) minutes.

Decoupled Review

Cast Members

This series has five cast members, i.e., R. Madhavan, Chetan Bhagat, Arista Mehta, Sonia Rathee, and Suveen Chawala.

About Storyline

The storyline is about a wealthy, leisurely class with a unique comfort couple who wants to fall out of love; this starts with the idea of getting "decoupling," and this decoupling is shown in this series as a story. R Madhavan plays the leading role of Arya in the series; Arya is a famous author and writer whose rank is 2nd to Chetan Bhagat. Arya wants to divorce his wife Shruti (role played by Surveen Chawla), who is a businesswoman, capitalist, cum founder of the company in the series, but they cannot pass this information about their divorce to their daughter.

They take some time to explain this to their daughter, and they start to do things that they would never do when they were in love (married) and start the procedure of falling out of love. We will get to know how things turned out in the next season of this series; until then, wait.

Good Part and Bad Part

As a viewer, we have been enjoying the work done by Manu Joseph in this industry in the past, so we know why his idea of this series of falling out of love is getting off-color and getting negative comments from many people; one of the main reasons for happening that, this shows the reality of this shitty stereotype of society. Some compared Madhavan's Arya to the Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, but this comparison is no less than the half-baked braggarts the writer has designed as the crux of dark comedy in extras of this show; by the actions of Arya, we can understand the double standards of human nature and watching this in series hits different.

Decoupled series shows the greatest strength and some weaknesses of the writer, Manu Joseph, and there are many reasons for this. One can like the point that when a Muslim Passenger follows his dharma to read his namaz, so Arya also reads the Gayatri Mantra, but in the point of view of some people, this is wrong, but as they have the freedom to perform their religious practices everywhere so do all religions have the same freedom to perform their religious practices anywhere.


After facing the risk of being questioned and lectured by feminazis for our rights as a male, we had our dose of laughter from watching Arya being funny; he played this role with so much depth that while doing the puppy-eyed face scene, the writer was able to show Arya's cold shoulder nature on the screen, the writer gets problematic at various place, but we cannot ignore the rest of the series for the same. If, for the sake of review, we have to search for certain shades of a popular characteristic in Arya, it will be when the scene of the afterlife of Ricky Gervais; he is so good that he almost shadowed the drawbacks of many sequences he was a part of.

When we watch the series, we see that the writer, Joseph, has not made any extra effort to write the women for this series; Shruti as Surveen Chawla is the leading female of this series; there is no proper balance between the character of both the leading roles because the role of Shruti is far more interesting than the role of Madhavan's Arya; if he intends to show the male character that much then this show must be titled as "De-singled." But Surveen did a great job performing her role in Shruti's role.


All said and done; Decoupled is new and fun yet additionally trivial in some places. It's one of those shows you wouldn't get irritated while watching, yet it won't be an incredible arrangement regardless of whether you miss it. Be that as it may, assuming you have a couple of extra free hours, two or three pints of brew sitting tight for you at the lower part of your fridge, wear a container, get on the love seat, and check on this series.

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